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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

how crispy are thy branches

I just had an epiphany*. If you do not unpack every single painted-walnut-glued-to-a-ribbon, and only use a quarter of your ridiculous haul of ornaments spanning three generations, defrocking the tree takes no time at all when it's all said and done. Now it's just a matter of deciding which neighbor's yard to chuck it in.

As I'm sure you remember, last year our baby Jesus went missing. He was found sometime last summer, probably fraternizing with the Playmobile arctic explorers. This year we have our little creche, plus my mil's little creche. Our manger is broken and hers is missing Mary. So we've combined them and now have fraternal Jesus twins, Mary, Joseph, Joseph's brother, three wise men, and some sheep which might actually be goats. It's very modern. I'm sure everyone will be doing it next year.

Happy Twelfth Night.

*you know I meant to say that, right?


Fred said...
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Fred said...

Have you ever seen the Shooks' manger scene?

I really like the rabbit holding a hoop, waiting for the dog to jump through the hoop ... and the police car.

Kristin said...

Chuck it in a neighbor's yard? What are you talking about? You set that bad boy ON FIRE! THAT is the proper way to dispose of a tree.

Susan said...

Fred - I must have one.

Kristin - Well, duh! (Do I take it outside first?)

Debbie said...

Well, we have lots of Playmobils and they would be tons of fun to frolic with.