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Saturday, January 3, 2009

musicians in the livingroom

This afternoon I sent a text message to Brighton, telling her how there were musicians recording in my livingroom and I was lying on the kitchen floor with the kids, being quiet as mice so we could stay and listen. It was shorter than that, because I am not good at texting.

She texted back to say "better you than me," which is very disturbing, because texted is not, or was not until recently, a word.

And apparently listening to several takes of the same song, live in one's livingroom, is not for everybody.

We made it through the first take in complete silence, and then I was afraid Studley would implode. So we went to the library, which closed an hour after we got there. So then we went for hot cocoa, where I texted my nephew and he responded "how are you texting, amid all the spilled cocoa and soaked napkins?" The bugger jinxed me, because Studley dropped his cocoa in his lap IMMEDIATELY. I am giving up texting forever or at least until spring.

We came on home and closed ourselves in a bedroom to play board games which do not involve yelling "YAHTZEE!" or anything else, for that matter.

The musicians today were in our livingroom because they could get a cleaner recording than they would down in the basement. But honestly? I think Chris did it because they are all the daughters of his friends and he was afraid to let them into the man cave. He doesn't mind so much having those salty rock and rollers down there.

Hello, salty rock and rollers! Newsflash: we don't clean up for you!

It was fun having them up where we could hear them. They all play stringed instruments and sing some of the most gorgeous harmonies you ever did hear. Today I felt the charm of our existence.

Lying on a feather bed in the middle of the kitchen with two intently listening children is way better than it's cracked up to be.


Debbie said...

That sounds wonderful. You painted a delightful picture for us and I bet it was a great experience for you and the kids.

Marilee said...

I love listening to recording sessions. . . tho I've never tried to do it with little kids (or have I?) 'course I have taken the kids, when little, to live music and they were as good as yours!

Thank you for putting me on your favs list... I am so touched!

Laggin said...

I'm incredibly jealous. It sounds delish.

Eldest has just finished taking a Music Tech class for high school and is doing all kinds of electronic music composing and mixing. It's a talent I've always wanted but have NO musical talent to speak of. My voice has always belonged in the chorus. :(