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Monday, January 5, 2009

privacy issues


I go into the bathroom to see what on earth could possibly be wrong with Studley, and he tells me "the turtle can see me."

Sure enough, on the edge of the tub is a plastic turtle. Although it is technically facing the shower curtain, this turtle is looking over its shoulder at Studley. As I turn it a quarter turn so it can no longer see my son, I notice that the menagerie of other plastic bath beasts are also turned toward the curtain.

Studley thanks me and, er, finishes what he is doing. And then he turns all the animals back around to face into the bathroom.

No wonder it takes him 20 minutes every time he goes in there.


Laggin said...

You totally have to mess with him by hanging a picture on the wall of someone that can "see" him!

Newt said...

Studley is awesome.

Susan said...

Laggin - Just wait until I put up the rubber ducky shower curtain.

Newt - I think so, too.