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Monday, January 26, 2009

Singer Storms Off, says the New York Times

Darn it, I miss ALL the best opera! According to a teeny story in the New York Times, "the American tenor Jon Villars walked off stage during a public dress rehearsal of the Beethoven opera “Fidelio” at the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto."

What do you call a male opera diva? A devo?

I really have to go to more public dress rehearsals, since that's obviously where the real drama is. I picture him shouting "and you can KEEP YOUR VELVET PANTALOONS!" petulantly from the wings as he left.

Or maybe he just had an operatic epiphany and decided he wanted to be a dentist, after all.

Either way, you can bet your bottom baritone I'll be watching to see if he's performing anywhere near here.


Ms Picket To You said...

I think the correct term is "divum."

Dana's Brain said...

Wow - and I thought only chefs had egos like that! That is some serious artistic expression.

His understudy must be psyched, "Now I don't have to make those Ex-lax brownies!"

TwoBusy said...

Q: Is he not men?
A: He is devo.

JAbel said...

According to Wiki it is Divas and Devos or Diva and Devo before..Never ever pondered that question

Susan said...

Ms. Picket - oh yes, of course! How could I forget?

Dana and her brain - or maybe the divum stormed off the stage because the understudy was dangling a brownie in the wings? Laced with ex-lax, which explains why he didn't come back?

TwoBusy - exactly.

jabel - wait, what? I got something right without meaning to? My world. My world is quaking.

JAbel said...

I just noticed I spelled it wrong.It's Divos and Divo but it's pronounced the same so you still were right!

Peace Turkey said...

Pantaloons! Lolz!