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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Studleyisms, pt. 2

Studley's been going through this thing lately where he doesn't want to go to bed by himself. When I tuck him in, he asks me to stay. I generally make some lame excuse and leave, lest he get used to me lying next to him and never sleep again without me there.

Last night, things in Studleyland escalated and he was reduced to a heap of sobbing sadness. "I want you to stay with me," he wept. I wondered if he had been having nightmares, or if something in his room was scaring him (life size t-rex skeleton in corner, maybe?). So I asked him why he wanted me to stay. Novel approach, I know.

"Because I (snuffling, sobbing vowel sounds)"

"I'm sorry, what?"

(snuffle) "Because I like you."

I stayed.


Sturdy Girl said...

Oh, that's so nice. And it's nice that you have this blog to look back on - it will get you through the teenage years. But on the upside, I hear that boys are nicer to their moms than girls are.

Debbie said...

What a great feeling that must have been! My 15 year old son still gets up early enough to sneak into bed with me and snuggle. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

That is so incredibly cute.

Susan said...

Sturdy - I've heard that about boys, that he might still like me in adulthood. If he doesn't sue me for calling him Studley in my blog, that is.

Debbie - He might do this for 12 more years? I'm getting a bigger bed.

Lisa - He has his moments, that one. He also told me recently that when he was in my belly he was a pineapple. Which explains a lot.