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Thursday, February 12, 2009

the aftermath

Did anyone else notice the irony of my live blogging a home concert the very next day after I complained of so much noise in the house that I couldn't think to write? It was tricky, let me tell you. I found that I could write what was happening, but couldn't read what I had written to save my life. Which is why it looks as though I didn't proofread. I didn't.

Afterwards, Joey said he thinks Studley's going to be a bass player. In the event that anyone missed the import of that, let me elaborate. Joey Spampinato thinks my son could be a bass player. Still not getting it? If Keith Richards had walked into my living room last night, here's what would have happened:

Joey: hi Keith.
Keith: hi Joey.

That's assuming they call each other by their regular names and don't have nicknames like Pudding Cup and Snicklefritz.*

In other words, it's like the Dalai Lama giving your kid the nod. I am totally getting music school scholarship applications.

I would be very, very intimidated by Joey if he weren't such a completely delightful human being. And if he weren't married to Kami, who.... Kami, why don't you come over more often? I MISS YOU.

Let me tell you about Kami. I was a little intimidated by Kami, too, until she was on stage doing a guest performance with Chandler. Seeing that she had taped the lyrics to the microphone stand, Chandler asked if she could read the words okay. And Kami, in her very sweetest, blondest voice, said, "I'll sound out the hard ones."

And Tad. Tad was friends with my brother-in-law when they were in high school and oh for heaven's sakes it was like having my brother-in-law's clone in the room. They have the same sense of humor and some of the same mannerisms, even though they have lived 3000 miles away from each other for something like 20 years.

It was a fun night.

I woke up at 7:30 this morning, which is about an hour after I usually get up. I was late because my alarm clock overslept. It's probably good they slept in, rather than falling asleep in school. I can just imagine how it would go when they tried to explain to their teachers what they did last night.

It's all life at Trout Towers, and I can't wait for the next show.

*Dear Mr. Richards,
Joey has never called you by either of these names, that I am aware of. In fact, I only know that he knows you because I read it on Wikipedia and so it must be true.
ps has anyone ever told you you look like my friend Bink? You probably get that all the time.
pps Bink is not his real name. His name is Ken. I have never called him Pudding Cup or Snicklefritz. Just Bink.


Dana's Brain said...

Snicklefritz is SO my new name for everything.

"Is that a new haircut?"

"Yes! Do you like it?"

"Honey, it is Snicklefritz!"

Let them figure out the rest.

Marilee said...

I know a really good bass teacher, actually I think he's a good bass teacher, I've never asked for lessons. At one time he was a bass player in the same league as Jaco Pastorius, Phil Lesh and someone else I can't remember anymore. He decided to play a different instrument, but he still teaches bass. I'll give you his number.

Bella said...

i have a friend who calls her daughter and mine when they are with her daughter "snicklefritz" i've thought about t-shirts that simply read the snicklefritzes for all of them...

as far as Bink is concerned, i see a scary sort of resemblance but i don't think that is very nice to Bink.

TwoBusy said...

My head is spinning in circles right now, but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed the experience.

The Upstairs Neighbor said...

ok, so we have the visual confirmation that Joey knows Keith. And has been on stage with Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, Robert Cray, Linda Ronstadt and Etta James. It's a video called Hail Hail Rock & Roll. And we both fell over when Joey strolled out on stage wearing a light blue smoking jacket. Identical to the one Keith was wearing. Maybe Snicklefritz it is?