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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

art in public places

Every once in a while, I look up from whatever I'm doing and realize that I have a very special husband. Those of you who know him, know in what sense I use that term. He is nothing if not special.

So. Lots of people out there on the interweb have backyard chickens and like to post pictures of them. But do they post pictures of them looking out of their sunroof?

What? Your coop doesn't have a sunroof? I suppose it is also not a model of the Hirshhorn then, either. Chris had a little balcony for it, and I had procured a small plastic chicken, but we had to lose the balcony in favor of the spaceship style insulation. Having a hard time picturing the Hirshhorn? It is one of our favorite museums. It looks like this.

The real thing doesn't have a roof that slides over, so Godzilla-sized raccoons could climb right into the courtyard if they wanted to. The balcony is on the other side.

Other special moments include walking out of the house just in time to see Chris swinging our son by his armpits, banging his snowboots against the side of the car like a church bell. I'm pretty sure he was knocking the snow off Studley's boots before buckling him into his car seat.

In other news, I was a hero today. Two cars ahead of me, someone was having a hard time getting out of the school parking lot. My friend was in the car right in front of me, so we both hopped out and gave her a push. Pleased with ourselves, we high-fived and returned to our cars. Which is when I noticed that the woman in the car behind me looked like this

because apparently while I was being heroic, my car was rolling toward her car. I can just imagine the domino effect. Twenty cars, lined up behind me - bang bing clunk bang tink tink wonk. And me, toddling off wondering what all the hullabaloo was about.

Perhaps Chris and I are well-matched after all.


Jacob said...

Too funny, Susan. Glad I wasn't drinking milk just then.

Ms Picket To You said...

When the Kid comes home from hockey, I will kiss him, thanks to you.

Greg said...

OMG, I will have to come visit your chickens and their museum! But let me know you're driving schedule so I can make sure you are well done with the road before I travel to you!

Kristin said...

That second photo is . . . is . . . just AWESOME.