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Thursday, February 5, 2009

cigars for kids

Despite the fact that my kids request the spicy basil eggplant from the Thai restaurant and have never met a piece of sushi they don't like, I have been cooking from Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious cookbook lately.*

Last night I made a bastardized version of her taquitos, which she calls "cigars." A cigar, it seems, is the child-friendly version of a taquito. I filled our taquitos with her quesadilla filling, which is pureed white beans, cheese, sour cream and sweet potato. You puree the filling so the kids don't know they are eating beans and sweet potato. Because unidentifiable brown smush is okay, but sweet potatoes are gross?

The Upstairs Neighbor has been fine-tuning her salsa recipe and has been using us as guinnea pigs, so I served some of the latest batch with dinner. It's spicy. I took some, gave Chris and Lucy some, put a speck of it on Studley's plate and kept the bowl as far away from my mil as was physically possible.

Studley tried some of the salsa. "Augh!!!!! Spicy! Augh!" he said, submerging his face in his milk glass. My mil panicked a little.

When I reassured her that there was no salsa on her plate, she told me she was glad of that because the taquitos were pretty spicy on their own, thank you.


Proof that we experience what we expect. Because the last I checked? Sweet potatoes and plain pinto beans are not spicy.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen. I made Native American Bread Pudding for dessert and accidentally invited some friends to join us. And then an EXTRA musician showed up because there was food coming out of the oven. How do they know?

Speaking of musicans, there's one coming over this morning to work with Chris. I figured I should pick up the pace and get dressed, but then remembered that I met him in college, where we routinely showed up for class in pajama pants. Also, he plays in a band wearing his pajamas. Also he just showed up and said his wife is still in her pajamas, too. Hi Marilee! I knew I liked you.

*No, I don't feed my kids raw fish. But they eat everything else and are PEEVED that they don't get to have any of the spicy tuna mango martini at Mac's. To which I say "hahahahahaha, bummer to be 6, dude."


Lesha said...

I just got that book and tonight G is having pizza's with hidden spinach. Because he will not touch a veggie no matter how much it resembles a french fry (even when I keep telling him it IS a french fry!).

Bella said...

i cook from that all the time...i have 2 out of 3 good veggie eaters but my middle child has to be told it is a treat (or pasta) or she won't touch it. good thing she doesn't know that ketsup is a veggie/fruit? also if it's pureed there is less a chance that it ends up falling off a spoon to the floor. my 3 are sooooo sloppy

Kristin said...

Any recipes in there for disguising vegetables to look like meat? If so, I could use a copy for my husband who, at 28, will eat what I put before him, but not without some histrionics and contorted faces.

Proof that men don't grow up--they just get bigger.

Ms Picket To You said...

oh crap. my kids would fake choking, pretend to faint and/or have seizures if i ever offered them sushi. which is fine with me: more for the mama!

Marilee said...

I wonder if my kids were at home would I cook? Oh, yeah, one kid is at home and I don't. oh well. And not only was I still in my pjs, I was asleep when he left. I guess there are some advantages to the kids growing up, tho all in all, I wish they were still in elementary school.

Susan said...

Lesha and Bella - the blueberry oatmeal bars rock, and can take twice as much spinach as suggested. Feeding them to people makes me giggle.

Kristin - Ha! good thing, with all that meat in your freezer!

Ms. Picket - it's a blessing and a curse. Our favorite was when Lucy ate eel at age 4, shortly before seeing a live one at the Baltimore Aquarium. They quake at the sound of her footfall.

Marilee - he didn't say the asleep part. Probably didn't want to make me feel bad.

Lisa said...

You just gave me a good idea. I wonder if I could put pureed vegetables in stuff and trick my husband into eating them that way? He's worse than any kid I've ever seen with the no veg.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to get dressed up on the Cape, never mind if you grew up in the town you now live in. if you do run into someone at the store, and you are wearing something like pajamas, there's a good chance they were your second grade teacher, your mom's best friend, or you went to school with them from K-12 and they saw you throw up on the orange bench when you were five. that's the logic i use in an effort not to get dressed (up) anyway. -erica