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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the downside of having a recording studio UNDER MY CHAIR

Just a few observations today because it is too dang loud in this house to do any thinking.

First observation: It's loud in this house. I know, I know, I'm always romanticizing how great it is to have musicians coming and going and playing and recording and EATING MY FOOD.* But sometimes they're just loud. Chris is working in the basement on some mixes with a guitarist and they keep playing the same phrase over and over again at wall-shaking volumes and I CANNOT THINK.

I'm not one of those people who can write and listen to the radio. TV is right straight out. I am very easily derailed and the brain? It doesn't work so well sometimes.

My other observation involves the fact that three friends asked if I was okay today. I thought "sheesh, did I not brush my hair? Is this a bad lipstick color for me? Did I get dressed?" and then I realized they were referring to yesterday's post, in which I was tragic and on the brink of despair. Ever notice how you can't even talk about something until it's almost over anyway? And then everyone's left trying to catch up? It's like that.

I'm fine.

I'm so fine I got back to stalking people online. My latest fixation is a woman whose kids I used to babysit when I was in middle school. I spent a ridiculous amount of time at their house. I found one of her kids on facebook, and sent off a tentative message. Upon confirmation, I sent another message that was, in hindsight, so completely stalkery he is probably moving and getting a new identity as I type. But I do remember where they kept their cereal. And I do remember the characters painted on their bedroom walls. And I do remember where all the furniture was and the smell of the downstairs carpet. I did not, however, mention that I thought of them when I got Studley his first Spiderman underoos.

I'll save that for the third email. When things aren't so loud.

*they hardly ever actually eat my food. Why is that, musicians? Why won't you eat my food?


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I can't write with music or TV on either. It's like having someone in the room talking to you, and it would be rude not to listen, right?

jenrebecc said...

A) i will totally come over and eat your food. is this option open to artists? or just musicians.
B) when you mentioned the smell thing, i suddenly remembered the smell of a childhood friend's rec room carpet. strong and synthetic.

Kristin said...

I can't deal with noise. That sort of environment would send me right over the edge. The very thought makes me tense up.

TwoBusy said...

"I remember the smell of your carpet..."

Why would that be creepy?

Marilee said...

I want to write posts just like yours, breezy and funny and you paint a picture of the people so real that I think I know them...oh maybe in this case I do. Maybe I'll start something that ignores artistic images completely.

It's kinda nice when babysitters remember the kids they sit with. My daughter tells stories of the cool college girl who looked after her and would probably love to be friend-ed on facebook by her. your kids will probably do the same.

m j casual said...

First of all, I've certainly polluted the sonic ambience of the Trout Towers Recording Complex on several occasions, and I've NEVER turned down any culinary offerings that came my way.
I've also displayed the appetite of a Dickensian wastrel whenever you've been foolish/gracious enough to invite me over for holiday gatherings.
And everything tasted wonderful.
Marilee's got it right in her description of your posts, hence the concern by those of us who lurk and/or sit at the cyber lunch table with you. We have come to count upon the breezy and witty insights you provide.
Glad to know you're ok.

Susan said...

Steamy - yes indeed! The tv and radio get very offended when ignored.

jenrebecc - we'll have to rewrite the bylaws but it could possibly be arranged.

kristin - I shan't mention it again. That's a lie. But I'll warn you first so you can take a sedative.

TwoBusy - Have you read The Corrections? I think one of the characters in that portrays an unhealthy, smell-related obsession. It has tainted me to even innocent things like carpet.

Marilee - I think the guitar player you're thinking of is much quieter than the one who was at our house that night. It was The Loudest Guitar Player In The World that night.

MJ Casual - You are my all time favorite Dickensian wastrel.