‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Live! From Trout Towers!

Oh my lord. We've really done it this time.

So begins the first of a series, which we shall call Live at Trout Towers. Because it is. Live. And at Trout Towers.

You see, my mil doesn't get out much these days. But she likes hearing live music. And well, we know people who play live music. So Chris has asked a few friends to come by and play for Ruth. But Chris doesn't do anything half-way, so we have a room full of sound equipment and musicians. All for the benefit of the smallest audience ever.

I have to mention now that if you were not invited to play, you will be.

At the moment, Kami Lyle is on trumpet, Joey Spampinato is on bass, Tad Price is on guitar, Lucy is on bongos and Studley is on piano and lead vocals. It's... interpretive. I think Chris is video taping. And of course recording. I'll add pictures later. If I had realized it was to be this well documented, I would have tidied up more.

Now they're getting serious. Lucy has moved to air guitar. Studley's pretending to play trumpet. He has a very obvious crush on Kami.

It's just us because 1) we can't fit a band AND friends in the living room and 2) it's for Ruth and she gets a little overwhelmed with lots of people. This is my way of apologizing for not inviting each and every one of you to jam yourselves in here.

I'm off to get snacks. I'll be right back....

Chris has headphones on. I don't know why I feel I need to document that. Behind the stage is a pile of Lucy's paintings and a tower of building blocks. And yet, you'd swear you were at a real live gig. It is completely fantastic.

It's kind of making me want to cry. Except every time I get a little weepy, Joey looks up and smiles. Which would be fine if he weren't 8 feet away.

Our living room floor is completely covered in cables. I think maybe we can't have guests because we don't have the right kind of home owners insurance to cover guest being eaten alive by sound equipment.

Wait, add to the mix a spotlight. Chris just keeps disappearing and reappearing with more stuff. There's now a video camera on a tripod, lighting, speakers and monitors (although I don't know what the difference is), a sound board on the coffee table, 500 cables and a 1:2 musician to audience ratio. That's generous, since a third of the audience is on the verge of being sent to bed.

Studley has found a spare microphone and is singing background vocals. We need to stop leaving those around.

I have to feed the musicians now. I'll be right back.

And now I have to go because Kami, who is way too pretty to be SMART, just schooled me in geography on freerice.com. Darn musicians.


neb said...

if i wasnt so sick and tired and you had not already described it so well...i would say that you need a photographer!

JAbel said...

Every time you mention Joeys name I have to get out my Uncommon Denominators NRBQ CD and listen.I just listened to Ridin in my Car like six times in a row and there is a tune called Trouble at the Henhouse on the CD also.

JAbel said...

P.S. It turns out Joey wrote Trouble at the Henhouse.He should play it for your chickens and your children.

Kristin said...

I could never replicate this at my house--all that equipment would blow every fuse in the house and probably burn it to the ground.

Also, I don't know any musicians, btu I'll blame our lack of hipness on the lack of electricity, instead.

Bella said...

still...couldn't Chris do an internet live feed, then maybe we could all log in and enjoy the jam. it would be sort of like we would be hearing it like Ruth since she can't see it either.

Lesha said...

Bella, that's what I was totally hoping for! A live feed from Trout Towers! I'd watch and listen! And probably dance a bit in my office.

Susan said...

neb - NONE of my pictures came out. Except the one of Studley I put on fb. And the 50 pictures I took of our cable-covered floor. Band? Was there a band?

jabel - I will ask him about that - it can be our anthem! Oh, except we made that robot vacuum song our anthem. Can we have two?

kristin - If my mil microwaves her coffee when the fridge is running, the fuse blows. Chris has his priorities.

Bella & Lesha - as you can WELL imagine, it has been discussed. Stay tuned, as it were.

Greg said...

Oh, man, a spotlight!?!

Sounds like a delightful evening, such an interesting evening. : )