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Sunday, February 15, 2009

a love note

As a friend of mine would say, I am both hoity and toity.

Chris and I spent last evening at the Elms, in Newport, RI. Granted, Chris was there because he was hired to be there and I was there because the people who hired him knew better than to try to hire my honey bunny away from me on Valentine's Day.

WMVY, who I could just kiss, had a fundraiser at the Elms last night. Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish played, followed by Patty Larkin. Yes, I finally got to see Patty Larkin play a real show, after all that time of Chris calling to tell me which internet radio program to tune into while he was on the road with her.

Let me tell you, if we were fat with cash, this is the kind of thing I'd make Chris do on Valentine's Day. First, it's WMVY. You can listen to them here and see for yourself how awesome they are. They're a commercial radio station that acts like a community radio station - always on the lookout for new music and HUGE supporters of the local scene. I think I am in love with them.

And Patty. Oh my heavens. For the last year or so, Chris has been all Patty Larkin Patty Larkin Patty Larkin. And yes, she's nice. And yes, she's pretty. And yes, she plays a mean guitar. But she's a folksinger. And seriously, how much folk music can one listen to on purpose?

Now I have to admit that if Patty Larkin is a folksinger (which I am not sure of), then I am going to have to admit to liking folk music. Which is not easy. It seems that the universe is making me belly up to the things I've taken the most joy in disliking.

Seriously, though. If you have a chance to go see her somewhere, do it. She is the most amazing guitar player ever. And her lyrics make you want to run home and learn to write songs. And she's funny. One could listen to quite a lot of her on purpose.

It was pretty much the most perfect Valentine's Day ever. And then we saw a green meteor on the way home. A big, green, streak of light over Cape Cod Bay. It was like fireworks, but not.

Hopefully it wasn't Cupid hitting the earth's atmosphere and going up in flames.

This is the mirror I used to fix my lipstick. I had to move that guy over a smidge to see properly.


TwoBusy said...


Laggin said...

Sounds lovely. I drove around a self-centered teenager. Also lovely... not.

Bella said...

i should hate you but i love you too much. i was making brownies with my little chocoholics...nothing like what you did, but i'm sure you would have wanted to be there.
you are too harsh on some music and should give more of it a chance...not all music deserves praise, i'll give you that.

Dana's Brain said...

How funny! I was right down the street from you! Well, sort of - I work in Newport and my husband and I were out there last night. Damn, could have met for a drink!

Happy to hear you had a good time. If you are coming this way again, let me know!

Susan said...

TwoBusy - my job here is done.

Laggin - My day will come for that. Can hardly wait... not.

Bella - Are you asking me to stop disliking country music? After all these years? And musicals? Must the musicals go, too? If you send me brownies, I will name 3 musicals I don't hate. How's that?

Dana - woohoo! I would like that. I think there might be a night out on the town in our future. We love Newport!

Greg said...

Really, Susan, it looks like that guy could've used a little lipstick, too!

I'm glad you've come around on the folk singing. ; )