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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

very domestic

I have laundry going in the washer. Black bean soup is making itself in the crock pot. The robot vacuum is cleaning the house.

And people wonder how I have so much time to blog, what with the chicken farming and all.

Last night I had a dream in which I planted things around the edge of the garden and protected the seedlings with a fence made of burlap (the chickens will decimate anything as soon as I plant it otherwise). I think I am anxious for spring and its growing season. I am not this industrious in real life.

And then I dreamt our drummer friend Liam came by to rehearse with a friend in The Studio, aka The Casinos at Trout Towers, aka The Basement. At some point the friend asked Liam if he thought it was okay if he heated up a slice of pizza in our kitchen. Liam came up a few minutes later and was all, "dude - you didn't heat up pizza, you made yourself a whole freaking lunch!" Let it be known that random musicians raid refrigerators even in dreams.

Liam, I do not hold you responsible for the actions of your friends in my dream. Also, the plant he sat on? It was a geranium, so all is well.

I should maybe ease off the late night spicy snacks.

I am home today because it is snowing snowing snowing and there is no sign of it stopping. For some reason this is making me feel very domestic and I am flitting about in the kitchen making things for the rest of the week. Not right now, of course. I'm taking a break from my culinary conquerings to keep you apprised of the situation here at Trout Towers.

The situation involves oatmeal, chocolate chip, pecan cookies from Smitten Kitchen. Don't even click the link unless you are willing for your life to be ruined. I cannot stop making the things she posts and am starting to have an identity crisis. I have become Donna Reed, except I can't for the life of me find my feather duster.

Or my apron.


Anonymous said...


-erica ;)

Anonymous said...

I have an apron that states "F***, I´m cooking like Gordon Ramsey!"


Debbie said...

I love to cook in bad weather. I'm headed to the link.

Dana's Brain said...

I was just thinking about aprons the other day. My Mom always wore aprons when she cooked. I just feel like it's not something you even see for sale anymore. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places.

Kristin said...

I wear aprons. I am domestic. Also, a messy cook.

Ms Picket To You said...

by all mean, feel free to stop by. this how could use some domesticity. bring a paint brush. and some soup.

silvergirl said...

I had all the ingredients for those cookies laying around, and 45 minutes to kill. They really are awesome. Well, the batter is awesome. Haven't really got around to the baking part. Urp.

JAbel said...

I have three aprons.One is a mint 80's 33 Larry Bird,A Homer Simpson one and a Weber Grill apron .I can't recall wearing any of them but the Weber one a few times when doing pulled pork outside.My word here is rearbar which is actually a word.I love places that are big enough to have a front and rearbar.Makes me think of Fla. beach bars.

Susan said...

Oh you cookie-making fiends. I also recommend Smitten Kitchen's mushroom bourguignon, clementine cake and especially, ESPECIALLY her rice pudding. I think I'll make some now.
In my new etsy apron. (how can you pick just one?)

Peace Turkey said...

I printed out that recipe. I will make them for Valentine's Day for my valentine. Would it be weird to put red food coloring in them?

Also, I have to say that I always thought aprons were horrible. As a snooty, 25 year old with a degree in Feminist Theory, all I saw in them was sexism...

That being said, my grandmother who sews and likes to challenge my feminism me an apron for christmas, to be a smartass. One of those ones that goes around your waist and has lace and a pocket. I freaking LOVE the thing. I swear. I mean, there's a pocket for my cell phone!