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Thursday, March 5, 2009

all along the watchtower

I don't know what it's actually going to look like because Chris likes to keep these things tippity top secret, but judging from the pieces I've seen in the basement, our new chicken coop will look something like this:

Which is good because Trout Towers needs a tower. And a life saving station. There are only a few left on Cape Cod and we could really use one in our vegetable garden.

Also, from the looks of things, this may be its actual size. Chris has a tendency to get carried away. I keep waiting for him to come tell me we need to buy a bigger yard.

But think of the money we'll save on eggs!

We will save almost as much as we've saved on sleds.

Today Lucy came in and asked if they could sled. I said yes, because I'm nice. And then I said no, because the hill shoots right down onto the road. And then I said no again because we have no sleds.

She said we did.

I said we didn't.

She said we did. And I said "fine, sled then."

I watched as she grabbed a snow shovel, sat in it, held onto the handle, and went sledding down the hill. She did not shoot out into the street. Her friends grabbed the other quadrillion shovels we have lying around the yard and zipped down the hill after her. And then they found the top to the (still empty) sandbox, and used it as a saucer. And then our upstairs neighbor came home, saw what they were doing, and proceeded to sled down our hill ON HIS COOLER. That's not a euphemism. The kids thought he was the awesomest and we are in solid agreement.

Add to the undeniable wonder of Trout Towers:
1 sledding hill
7 white trash sleds
1 X-treme Cooler Glider

(despite its obvious charms, winter can end now please.)


JAbel said...

I assume that's Race Point.That station was moved from Chatam to Provincetown in 1977 my first summer working and getting a jones for the cape tip.As for those sleds I've seen it but never tried a shovel.Cardboard and and upside down picnic table were our most offbeat sleds.

TwoBusy said...

60 degrees tomorrow. Kiss winter goodbye.

Dana's Brain said...

I feel really guilty that we never took Jake sledding this year. But not guilty enough that I want more snow!

Bella said...

when Chris starts showing signs of "outgrowing" his chicken projects can you send him up to VT. I have a car that needs a coop.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I like Lucy's ingenuity. But then she's a pretty awesome kid!

Celia said...

That is awesome. My neighbor's only claim to fame is a heinous/comic statue of St. Francis holding a blue gazing ball in their front yard. It really has to be seen to be believed.