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Thursday, March 19, 2009

birthday wishes before the sugar rush prevents me from typing clearly

I am seriously underappreciated around here.

Tonight at dinner my MiL asked what the date was and announced that tomorrow is my sister-in-law's birthday. Discussion ensued about what on earth to do for her. I suggested we get her a cake. Since she doesn't live nearby, the likelihood of her coming to our house, even for cake, is small. So we'd have to eat it ourselves. We could have hats and noisemakers. There would be singing. We could put a video on YouTube of us eating cake, for authenticity. We'd need a banner behind us that says "Happy Birthday ______*," again for authenticity.

And while we're at it, we should have banners printed up with all our friends' names on them. And get several cakes. And eat them. While videotaping ourselves. We could archive the videos and send them out when each friend's birthday came around. It's like buying cards at Hallmark.

If people sent me links to videos of themselves eating cake on my birthday**, with a big banner over their heads that said "Happy Birthday Susan! You are totally THE BEST!!!" I would be quite pleased. And then I'd start looking for my presents. But not everyone is like me and most would probably stop at the quite pleased part. And if they didn't, well phooey on them.

You will be surprised to know that not only was I outvoted on this as a proper SiL celebration, the rest of the family did not even act as though it was worthy of a vote. Nor did they like my idea of a Singing Chickengram. I am completely wasted on these people.

So let it be known that if my SiL's birthday is a flop, it is not my fault. Oh yes, she might get cards and flowers and those exploding fruit kebabs. But will she get cake videos? No.

Just between you and me, I plan on sneaking off to a bakery and eating a cake in her honor. I am sure she will feel the love.

(happy birthday)

* Insert code name for SiL. I haven't come up with one and am open to suggestions.
** August 8th


Rose Brier Studio said...

I am so going to eat cake in front of a banner that says "Happy Birthday Susan," while we videotape this event, but someone's gonna have to show me how to put it up on UTube.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! DO IT! As long as there's cake - in my opinion - it's a celebration. Pardon me, but I'm about to steal your idea and need to start planning the cake portion.


Dana's Brain said...

Cake videos is brilliant! Especially, whenever you feel like cake you can just pick someone's birthday that hasn't happened yet and put up their banner. Love it!

Anonymous said...

For her name, I think it depends, do you like her? :)



Lisa said...

Of course you're a LEO! I knew I liked you from the start.

As for SiL, yes, depends very much on how you feel about her. She could just be Sill. Or Sweetpea. Or Scylla. Depends depends.

Mary Alice said...

I would totally love it if my family ate lots of cake in my honor and put it on youtube....I would feel loved. In fact go right ahead and do it for me. December 7th. Thanks...... Then I will send gushing thank you notes and the rest of your family will feel stupid for liking the idea. It will be great.

Mary Alice said...

i meant... for NOT liking the idea.

Right. But you probably knew that.

Bella said...

i've been eating cake in your honor for decades!!!! do i really have to videotape and post it? it's not very pretty and usually involves me hiding in the closet so that i don't have to share.
and doesn't a sugar rush HELP you think more clearly? maybe that is part of my problem....

TwoBusy said...

True geniuses are never appreciated in their own lifetime.

Susan said...

Rose Brier - That would be lovely, except that you live close enough so we should go eat cake together. Often.

Kayare - Feel free to steal the idea! I think you should practice with the cake a couple times first.

Dana - I nearly always feel like cake. When's your birthday?

Food Snob Lisa - indeed I do!

Lemon Lisa Gloria - I'm afraid my Leo was showing.

Mary Alice - the date is noted, but since it's so far off, I might have to do it early. Mmmmmm.....

Bella - that's funny, I've been doing it for you for ages, too. It's what gave me the idea. And yes, cake does make one think more clearly. But there's a point when it does bad things to my hand-brain coordination. Not bad enough to stop, mind you.

TwoBusy - I was afraid of that. But at least there is cake.