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Sunday, March 8, 2009


First of all, baby chickens are complete maniacs. It's really hard to sit on the couch with them and watch tv. Maybe they get more snuggly with age? Like labrador retrievers? I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

We also recently discovered that when you are at the Wang you can take your drink into the theater with you. We discovered this when our friend bought a bottle of water. He was in the process of stuffing it into his pants when an usher said, "it's okay, sir. You can take that in with you." You nearly always learn something new when you take boys to the ballet with you.

Yes, we went to a musical one night and the ballet the next. We are sooooo cultured.

The next bit is something I am sure will fascinate you.

When I listen to opera, I like the ones where someone dies at the end. I like them nice and tragic. When I listen to other kinds of music, it cannot be melancholy. Except for Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, which is three shades of awesome. One year I deep-sixed Tori Amos until spring. It was just too much. Too bittersweet. Too close to what I was leaning toward anyway. I needed something to lift me up, not push me over the edge. So, when I am not listening to Mussorgsky, I like me some Shiny Toy Guns, Beastie Boys, Fleet Foxes, and Belle & Sebastian. I am a music twit.

Meanwhile, I recently introduced a friend to opera. She likes it when they have happy endings. And when she is not listening to opera with happy endings? She likes to wallow in some Lucinda Williams. Her Tori Amos cd stayed in her car stereo for 2 years. Mine stayed in the trunk for 2 years.

What do you make of that?

And am I playing the wrong music for the chickens?


m j curmudgeon said...

Baby chickens embody a particular form of innocence to me, even if they are also seemingly maniacal at times.
I would think that soothing and/or friendly music would suit them best, which is to say ixnay on the Tori Amos please God. The trunk is certainly the best spot for that CD.
As for musicals, I'm with you all the way, although some of the songs are ok in a non-theatrical context.
I might like opera better if the dying (and plenty of it) was right at the beginning...

TwoBusy said...

Chickens and foxes - especially fleet ones - generally go wonderfully together.

"...turn the white leaves red
as strawberries in the summertime..."

Susan said...

mj - I had to run to the basement stairs and read your comment to Chris (the bit about everyone dying as the curtain opens).

TwoBusy - I'm listening to Fleet Foxes RIGHT THIS SECOND. Are you stalking me?

TwoBusy said...

Hello, Susan? This is the police. Try not to be alarmed, but typing is coming from inside the house.


Susan said...

(runs screaming from house, box of chickens under arm. Neighbors nonplussed.)

Lisa said...

Chicks. I think chicks are so effing adorable, but once they get more chicken-y, the become dramatically less so. So you should get as much cuddle time in as possible now Just my personal opinion.

As for opera, I haven't been to many, but I am all for huge tragedy at the end. And when I was single, I did briefly agree with a friend of mine, while watching Turandot, that it would be fabulous to choose your husband with three questions and execute the ones who didn't get them right.

rain said...

I hate opera, and I don't know who Fleet Foxes are. I suck.
(But hi anyway.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I really have nothing to say about chicken music. But the word verification is fablot, which is fab a lot, so I had to say somthing! And I love the comments on your blog almost as much as I love your writing. . . but for different reasons!

Susan said...

Lisa - lucky for Chris, he is good at riddles. Don't ask how many preceded him.

Rain - she lives! And almost everyone I like hates opera. You're in good company.

Rose - I know. Invisible friends rock.

Greg said...

I think, technically, the only kind of music thats really really for chickens is, surprisingly enough, "Turkey in the Straw."

Anonymous said...

fleet foxes- yeah! beautious, huh :)