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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the edging of the green

For those of you who are blissfully unaware, edging a new garden is hard work.

"Hey Chris," I said. "This is hard. Is there a rototiller that does edges, kind of like that floor sander with the edge attachment you had?"

He looked up and said "I need to get my own blog."

He said that because quite often when he says something ridiculous I ask him to repeat it so I can get the wording right. As long as I am married to Chris, I will never, ever run out of things to write about. Today, for instance, he was having a bit of buyers' remorse about the glossy paint he bought for the coop. "But then," he said, "nothing is too glossy for our chickens."

And speaking of chickens (me? speak of chickens?), I was interviewed today by a real live newspaper person who's thinking about getting chickens. She asked me lots of questions. I will be famous.

And still speaking of the chickens, we had another Live! at Trout Towers! event last night. The Lindsays came by and played for us. What does this have to do with the chickens? Apparently the babies are fond of Irish jigs. They were crowding into the corner, and would have climbed right into Susan's lap if I had let them out. Wish I had thought of that last night.

They are friends of friends, and new to Trout Towers. We cannot believe we limped along this long without knowing them. We are hoping they'll be our new best friends. Such good people, and a blast to hear. You can see them when they open for the Bridgewater State College World Music Festival on April 27th.

I will go if I am out of my edging-induced epsom salt bath in time. Hopefully they'll do the one about chickens.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Ew. Edging. Grass is a bitch. Negates the need for a gym membership, though.

Celia said...

I am very thankful I have no idea what edging entails. This is our first year with a lawn and it is tiny. So hopefully the yard chores will be tiny too. Why is there ominous music suddenly playing? All I said was a tiny yard should have tiny chores. Heeeey quit it! Now the room is dark and there was a thunderclap... maybe we should astro turf.

Dana's Brain said...

Plants flee in horror when I come near. I don't know about chickens...

But I'm happy to hear they have glossy paint! LOL!

m j greenjeans said...

If you need help w/your gardening, maybe try this:


TwoBusy said...

So... that's a no on the edging rototiller?

Tiny Dancer said...

There are machines that help, says my son who used to work for the local wonderful garden shop. There are gas-powered edgers. There are also sod removers that work like those things that take cheese off a block. He's seen them in gardening magazines.

Does True Value rent equipment? The place where all the trucks are avocado green does. They have lots of cool garden stuff like rocks and mulch and . . .!

Susan said...

Kristin - yes I thought of that. I deserve a fudge sundae.

Celia - pave.

Dana - me too, so it's really more like herding than planting.

mj - again, you are the winner. A hacked roomba! Did you know we have a decommissioned roomba just waiting to be hacked? I think I know someone who's up for the job.

TwoBusy - That's what I said.

Dancer - thanks! This is the first landscaping project that would actually warrant renting equipment (like an edging rototiller). I am very, very excited.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Edging???? I am having major issues with the TRIMMING part...this just cracked me up. You are too funny...and that husband....HE is a keeper.


Lisa said...

"Nothing is too glossy for our chickens."

He is a gem. And very funny.