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Sunday, March 1, 2009

holes in the evidence

Chris found a puddle in the basement a week or so ago, so he checked on all the usual, leaky, suspects - specifically the pipes behind the washing machine. Those pipes are to be thanked for the stellar education afforded to the children of our plumber. Also, the plumber's dog will now be able to go to college. Praises be.

Those pipes were not leaking. So Chris checked a few other things, which were also not leaking. But he was getting close, by golly, so he did some investigative drilling in our bathroom wall....

It seems Chris is getting a skosh cavalier with the drywall.

I was going to take more pictures of our bathroom for you, but that would have required that I do some cleaning and quite frankly I'm not in the mood.

I was going to show you how great parts of it look. And how not great other parts of it look.

Like the rest of the first floor, the bathroom has been semi-renovated (I just typed "removated," which is totally Freudian wishful thinking). Chris stripped the walls, took out the Design By Crack House medicine cabinet, removed the lights from where THEY WERE THUMBTACKED to the wall, and replaced some circa 1950's accessories, e.g. this toilet paper roll holder, that were more suited to a warehouse bathroom.

I have more pictures from before the renovations, but will spare you. You're welcome.

Chris put up new sheet rock over the bathtub, before the upstairs neighbors had a chance to drop their toothbrushes through the floor and onto our heads while we showered. He also filled in the hole where the crack house mirror was. And he did a few other things but I don't remember what.

Then we skipped merrily to Ikea and spent about $40 on new everything. Like this lovely towel rack. And so now - aside from the hole in the wall - we have the most beautiful bathroom in the house.

(If you don't look down.)

If you look down, you see linoleum that's stained and curling up at the edges. You see waterproofing glop that was applied willy-nilly a very long time ago. You see pipes for our forced hot water heat, which no longer have a cover (you know, the pipes with the dust-collecting fins encircling them).

If you use our bathroom, I suggest you not look down.

It's really very much like this blog, our bathroom. I get to pick the things I look at, and if YOU don't look down, it all looks pretty great.

In other words, Jane Austin has her eye on our walnut mirror, while Joyce Carol Oates cannot stop staring at the linoleum.

And Chris? Cannot be trusted with power tools.


Dana's Brain said...

The holes crack me up. (No pun intended!)

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

We're removating, I mean renohating, I mean renovating too. I won't look down at your linoleum if you promise not to turn on any of my faucets.

m j [often way too] casual said...

You might want to reconsider your advice to (male) visitors about not looking down when using your bathroom.
We Brothers of the Testosterone Brotherhood can have errant aim even when we ARE looking down, and it seems you already have your hands full (so to speak) with leaks and drips.

Kristin said...

Bathrooms are the grossest rooms to renovate. Because they're the grossest rooms in the house. Next grossest? Kitchens. Our bathroom was done a few years ago. I'm still working up the courage (and the $$$) to tackle the kitchen. Which was installed in the 1920s and has basically remained unchanged since. Eek.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I want the toilet paper holder if it hasn't already gone to the dump! Really, it's perfect for my barn bathroom which is s'posed to look that vintage (unless it is rusted, then all bets are off)!

I do feel for you. We have renovated 4 bathrooms. Be glad you put sheet rock on the walls. Plywood, which is easier to remove and re-apply if your pipes leak (which ours have a habit of doing), and seemed like such a great idea, conducts sound amazingly, so if any water is running in those walls (upstairs shower, heating pipes, etc) there is an irritating hum, like a noisy fan. You'd think all these years living with a musician I would know something about sound conduction!

I sure didn't mean to go on and on....I guess it's just that owners of old houses have a lot to say (and a lot of experience) with faulty pipes! One year our plumber took his whole family to the Caribean on us!

Bella said...

did you ever find the leak?

JAbel said...

Since you mentioned a few writers at the end here's a little gem from todays NYTimes book review of Flannery O'Connor's bio."As a child she sewed outfits for her chickens".Just something to think about if you get a lot of snow tonight and am looking for something to do come Monday.

Susan said...

Dana - hopefully there will be no cracking up, although I fear it may be next.

Steam - deal.

mj - oh. my.

kristin - we've been working on our kitchen. Not that you can tell.

Rosie McBriar - Sorry, laden with rust and quarantined to the dump!

Bella - ha! indeed we did.

and jabel - I might have to start that "comment of the day" thing. You win. Not only would Flannery O'Connor be eyeballing my linoleum (a la Oates), I really, really like the idea of outfits for the chickens.

TwoBusy said...

"A skosh cavalier with the drywall."

Yeah, I laughed.

Lesha said...

Ah removating. For two periods of time we had a toilet sitting on our front porch. Once we ran to Lowes with a sliding glass door hole in the back of the house (We still locked the front door though).

Ms Picket To You said...

all i have to say: I WISH I WERE CLOSER TO IKEA.

that's all.