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Monday, March 16, 2009

in the beginning

Chris was chatting with his mom this morning over breakfast. That makes it sound civilized, right? Like we all sit down and eat breakfast together, instead of running around looking for missing shoes and lunchboxes.

He told her about his bike ride to the beach yesterday. "I was thinking about how you came here to see a play, and decided to buy a house," he said. "Thank you."

It's good to be grateful for where you end up, no?

After he left with the maelstrom that is our offspring, I sat down and took my turn chatting with my MiL. She was still thinking about seeing that play and buying the house.

"I was standing on the corner in the middle of town, thinking how I wished I didn't have to go. And it was just like someone was standing next to me. There was no one there, but I heard someone tell me to just go inside. I was standing next to a real estate office, so I did."

She said she had never thought she'd leave Connecticut. And suddenly, she had found a new home. She described how a woman took her around to several lovely properties, but none fit the bill. The real estate agent did not show her this house because she didn't think it was suitable for a fine lady like my MiL. There were lots of children. It was very busy. IT WAS NOT TIDY. Someone in the office suggested it and after much disagreement, the agent reluctantly brought my MiL to see Trout Towers (which was not yet Trout Towers).

Of course, it was perfect. My MiL describes it as being clean and sturdy and exactly what she was looking for. And so she moved. And Chris moved (which is good because I haven't spent much time in Connecticut and would have missed him entirely).

Thank you. It's perfect.


Dana's Brain said...

What a lovely and cool story! Yay Chris' Mom!@

Dana's Brain said...

I don't know how "@" got there!

Tiny Dancer said...

Just goes to show how important theatre is in the life of child -- even if Chris wasn't a child then!

Have fun. I won't tell you what the temperature is here.

Lisa said...

Wow! That's lovely!

Janine said...

I love the way things work out like that.

Anonymous said...

Making moves and following dreams. Love this.


Susan said...

Dana - Yay indeed! She's good like that.

Tiny Dancer - Life imitates art.

Lisa - I think so too. I wish I had a tape recorder with me when I chat with my MiL. She has good stories.

Janine - oh my lord, are you who I think you are? And if so, you would know a thing or two about things working out.

Kayare - it's good to remember, no? Following dreams really works out.