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Sunday, March 15, 2009

name change

Well, this isn't at all what I expected. I always figured when the kids became aware of their online personas, the boy child (aka Studley) would initiate a lawsuit.

Instead, the girl child (aka Lucy) has asked if she could have a turn being Studley.

This is impossible because not only do we already have a Studley, we also have Studley's girlfriend, Studleigh. We wouldn't want things to get confusing by adding yet a third.

We have compromised, and Lucy will hereafter be referred to as Sugarplum.

Please make a note of it.


Dana's Brain said...

Duly noted! Sugarplum is awesome. (Both the name and the namesake!)

JAbel said...

You better not let the chickens read the blog!I'm lucky because my little neighbors both like their fake names of Sweetpea and Knuckle Sandwich that I gave them in blog land.

Ms Picket To You said...

yes. indeed.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I like sugarplum, the name and the girl....so pink!

Lisa said...

I'm hugely in favor of Sugarplum.