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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the poultry pile

I had to rush out and check the chickens' collective pulse just now. They were were lying in a heap, perfectly still except for the occasional stretching of a wing. From time to time one looked like she would get up, but then flomped over again. Very disconcerting. It's a darn good thing I work from home so I can be on Chicken High Alert in the middle of the day. People think I might go back to work once the kids are in school for real, but obviously, this chicken thing is an issue. Do you hear me, Audrey? I am bringing the chickens to work with me.

So. I approached the lump of chickens and no one bothered to look up. On closer inspection, they were sort of writhing. In the dirt. Which looks as dirty as it sounds.

They had made a big hole for themselves and were lying in a patch of sun. It turns out they were having a dirt bath and doing a bit of sunbathing. I think that is the chicken equivalent of a deep tissue massage followed by a seaweed wrap. They looked vaguely euphoric.

It is surprisingly easy to recognize chicken euphoria.

Although I never noticed any symptoms of SAD, the flock is clearly glad it's spring. They are literally wallowing in spring. They are living in my old vegetable garden, so their lives will just keep getting better as last year's plants start to reappear. Those plants have no idea what's about to hit them (beaks, mostly).

It is good to be a chicken in the spring. Not particularly elegant, but good nonetheless. They are relaxed, comfortable, unperturbed and spectacularly filthy.

Maybe I am a spring chicken after all.


Dana's Brain said...

"They are relaxed, comfortable, unperturbed and spectacularly filthy."

Somewhere within the next two months, that description will fit my children to a tee!

Lisa said...

Chicken euphoria. Hahahahaha!

TwoBusy said...

There's something gleefully surreal about your life.

I dig that.

Susan said...

dana - mine too!

Lisa - a fine name for a band, no?

TwoBusy - "Gleefully surreal." I dig that.

Celia said...

I know you love your chickens, but have you ever read The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald? So funny- a little dated but she marries an insurance salesman who gives up everything to be a chicken farmer.

Lesha said...

Now that would be something to see. Good luck taking the chickens to work, I think some chickens in my office would make my day go a little faster. Or crazier.

By the way, pop over to my blog, I gave you an AWARD! *giggle*

Janine said...

I think I saw some people downtown doing that yesterday. I'm going to get in on the ground floor (ha) of this dirt bath thing. The recession has not hurt the spa business.

Peace Turkey said...

This makes me want to go out and writhe around in the sun. In the dirt.

Having read my last post, you are now highly aware that dirt-rolling is a very un-PT thing to do. Spring fever, indeed!

And I'm an Aquarius. Do I exhibit Leo-like qualities?

Anonymous said...

I love that book "The Egg and I"-my grandmother gave it to me.

My sister-a teacher-put in for a day off this week to tend to her chickens spring cleaning.

I love the dirt.


Susan said...

Celia - I haven't read it, but will add it to my reading list pronto!

Lesha - thanks for my award! Maybe I can arrange for a chicken-gram to be sent to your work.

Janine - Good idea. People do mud wraps, why not a garden dirt bath with an exfoliating treatment of last year's cabbage stalks?

Peace Turkey - I don't know much about it, but yes. I am a Leo and I was told that's why I'm not particularly outdoorsy and don't like getting my nails dirty. Which is why I'm obsessed with chickens in my vegetable garden? I'm astrologically confused.

Kayare - Ignore what I just said to Peace Turkey. I would absolutely put in for a day off so I could play in the dirt!

Nora said...

Great blog! I love that you have chickens. This is one of the things on my list of things to to. Seriously.