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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

still life with stick figure

Today I got all jealous of a mini van that had one of those family bumper stickers on it - the kind that shows all the family members as stick figures. According to the sticker, the family had two girls, three boys and a dog. Plus the mom and dad. It was quite a sticker.

I just googled "I want a family bumper sticker, too" and found the website where I could order one.

As usual, there are problems.

It took me a few passes to find the pet decals. And wouldn't you know, they don't have chickens. They have COWS, for crying out loud, but not chickens. I would have to substitute a duck or a bird, which is just insulting.

Also, my sticker would be wider than my rear window. Maybe we could put it the length of the truck? Trout Towers is home to a mom, a dad, a grandmother, a boy and a girl, an aunt, an uncle, three cats and seven chickens. Have I forgotten anyone/anything?

Maybe I should have googled "does anyone make a COMMUNE bumper sticker?" Oh, and if it could be less than the $80.75 plus shipping I'd spend on the family one, that would be awesome. At $4.75 each, the stickers representing the chickens cost more than the chickens themselves. And they're ducks, not chickens. I might as well get cows.

Hmmmm, cows.

Meanwhile, in other totally unrelated family news, I just discovered that someone to whom I thought I was a good friend went through a divorce LAST YEAR. So if you're looking for a friend who actually calls you once in awhile, I may not be that friend. Really, if you want me to pay attention to you, you have to either read my blog or live with me. We are currently out of rooms at the Towers, so you'll have to keep reading. Sorry.

But seriously, how does something like that happen? I have lost my radar entirely.

We have become such a commune that the world is going on without us and we are not looking up from our turnip patch to watch. And honestly? There's never been a better time to be oblivious.

Except when it comes to friends.

I guess even communes need radar.


Lisa said...

Well, divorce is big, but to be fair to you, ou have a LOT going on. Even before all the chickens, you had plenty taking up your time. Sometimes that's just how life is.

Laggin said...

Well, maybe you didn't have radar but, in your defense, maybe she was going all commando and keeping it kind of secret.

JAbel said...

Ha!,I didn't get a X-Mas card from some friends for two straight years who always sent one and thought nothing of it.I emailed the husband off and on and then one day called his house and asks for Wolfgang* and his wife Brunhilda* says"John he doesn't live here, didn't he tell you we were divorced last year?"Um No,so how's it going.* Names changed to Germanic Opera types.

Dana's Brain said...

They also have a facebook app where you can do the stick figures for your family. I was all excited to do it, except when I went to look for a "chef" to be my husband I had to scan to the very bottom and then the stupid chef stick figure had a very angry face. WTH? Like all chefs are angry people? Talk about sweeping generalizations. That's as bad as having no chickens.

TwoBusy said...

You say commune, I say chicken cult compound.

Tomato! Tomahto! Tomato! Tomahto!

Let's call the whole thing off.

Susan said...

Lisa - any time you need your Friendship Honor defended, I'll stand by your side.

Laggin - you know, I think you're right about that. I heard about the possibility for years, and when it became a reality, it became more private.

jabel - I appreciate your nod to German opera. Did you ever find your friend?

Dana - I know some very cheery chefs. Some of my cheeriest acquaintances are chefs.

TwoBusy - I rather like Chicken Cult Compound.

JAbel said...

Susan,Yes I did.His ex gave me his phone number.