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Saturday, March 14, 2009

this is a public service announcement

I know, you don't like opera.

Still, you only have two and a half more chances to see one of the Met broadcasts in High Def this season.

To help all you opera neophites along, I have created an opera website Just For You. You'll find the synopses of the remaining operas, as well as the ones of what you missed. Think how smart you'll be!

"But opera is boring," you say. Hahahaha! Have you no faith? Would I write something boring for you? You may not come away from the site with a new love for opera, but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy reading about it.

Behold, Opera Betty. Where pop culture meets opera.

(It doesn't have the home page with falling Gorey characters yet, but I couldn't wait for Mr. Fancy Pants to finish. Opera season's a-wasting, people.)

(Also, if you know anyone in the opera world and can make an introduction, I'll make you cookies.)

(And mom, you might not want to click the link. Sometimes I swear. I couldn't figure out how to write about opera without swearing.)


Dana's Brain said...

I commented over there, but it didn't show up...

I'll try again, but then if it shows up twice you have to delete one of them so I don't look silly.

m j smarty pants said...

I can certainly relate to having trouble writing about opera without swearing.
Dana's Brain - my comment over at Opera Betty took a while to show up, but did so eventually, although the time of posting was incorrect (by about 8 hours).

Susan said...

Chris had directed Opera Betty comments to his email address, not mine. They also required moderation, which we've never been very good at.
Thanks for checking it out!

JAbel said...

So who has a swimming pool in a little Swiss village and why is she jumping off a diving board wearing all her clothes and some really green shoes?

TwoBusy said...

I can't read/hear your post title without instinctively following it "With guitars!!!" a la The Clash's "Know Your Rights."

Which has nothing to do with opera whatsoever, but nevertheless there you go.

Susan said...

Now I have "Know Your Rights" stuck in my head (to which I am not opposed). And au contraire, my invisible friend. The Clash most definitely has a home on THIS opera site.
Also, did you see that I linked you on the new site?

Jabel - they have crazy opera parties in Switzerland.