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Saturday, March 21, 2009

WOMR birthday bash

WOMR, our community radio station, is having a birthday. Since they threw themselves a party, there was no need for us to sit home eating cake. In fact, we were asked NOT to sit home eating cake. Interestingly, we were not invited based on my charm and wit. We were invited because Chris is indispensable and can be counted on to not eat the roast beef sandwiches.

I know a few people at WOMR and a whole lot more look familiar. I probably look familiar to them, too. They look at me and say to themselves, "hmmm, where have we seen her before? Oh right, we saw her the last time we offered free food."

It's not always free, but I do usually show up at the things they do which involve food. Boogie on the Bay, for example.

Today there was a huge line-up of musicians, including Jerry Nelson. You may THINK you don't know who Jerry Nelson is, but you do. He is the voice of the Count on Sesame Street. See? We listen to Really Famous People. We left during his set.

We didn't leave because of him. We left because Studley was starting to be a bit of a menace and I felt like we should get a move on before catastrophe struck. Also, there were so many people showing up, I was afraid if we didn't leave soon we'd have to exit out the back window. We didn't miss the show, though. They were broadcasting live and we were able to listen in the car on the way home. A live broadcast is the way to go if you always leave a party and wonder if they talk about you when you've gone (they didn't).

Speaking of Studley, someone addressed Sugarplum as Sugarplum and made her Entire Day. Which is saying something, considering we were in the same room as the voice of the Count.

But there was no cake. So now, even though I'm supposed to be doing things like laundry and excavating the livingroom, I have to make brownies. You can't celebrate a birthday with no baked goods, no matter how delicious the portobellos are.

I ate a lot of portobellos.

If you'd like to offset the expense of my presence at the WOMR party, would you consider making a donation? There's a field at the bottom of the form where you could maybe say that you hope they keep inviting Susan at Trout Towers to their shindigs.

We'd sure thank you. I'll even send you a Cape Cod Beer bumper sticker if you want (I don't think they'll mind having their stickers splashed all over your bumpers. Email me your address).


Anonymous said...

How can there be no cake?? Seriously, you've got to get the cake videos off the ground.

Although the voice of the Count does make up for the lack of cake in a small way.

TwoBusy said...

How many portobellos did you eat? One... two... fifteen... sixteen... seventeen! Seventeen portobellos!

Ah ah ah!


Alas, Lady Trout, you and Studley and Sugarplum left before the cake was served. But, thankfully with the miracle of a live radio broadcast you were able to listen to all of the party goers eat cake.
I'm not sure how the chocolate cake with espresso ganache sounded, but it sure did taste aces high. hopefully it didn't overmodulate.

Laggin said...

Studley cost you chocolate ganache cake? Kids. What can you do with them?

Susan said...

Dana - well I THOUGHT there was no cake.

TwoBusy - exactly right on both the voice and the number. Or if you prefer, you were right on both Counts.

Squid - WHAT? That must have happened after we got home, where we have NO RADIO (or cd player, or 8 track player, for that matter). Chris has some explaining to do. Specifically, the whereabouts of my cake.

Laggin - what can you do with kids? That cheat you out of cake? Giving them away comes to mind.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I'm sorry I missed the party and DH too. He likes cake. But then he got cake at the birthday party. Want me to bring you some cake home? I'll be a week old, but it was good and every one raved!

Gotta go, it's dial-up here and I don't know if I can stay on very long. Some people, who will remain unnamed (mom!) really should get with the 21st century!

TwoBusy said...

There's a special place in hell for people who pun like that.

Anonymous said...

Cape Cod beer?! I'm on it.

Portobellos ar eone of the best things ever, I love mine stuffed with goat cheese, yum! (Ok, so now I want this at 10 am.)


Susan said...

TwoBusy - that would be a particularly hellish part of hell.

Lisa - I make your portobello and goat cheese recipe! I use my lemon zester, per your instructions.