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Friday, April 3, 2009


The smell is unbearable.

Chris is in the basement working on the new chicken coop because a) I will bug him if he doesn't and b) the chicken babies are so stinky he'd rather not be in the same room as them. Every once in a while he comes upstairs with a "I think I'll be a slacker now" look on his face. He takes one inhalation and heads back down to the basement.

Want to hang out in my livingroom with me?

Speaking of stinky, I inadvertently trapped a skunk in the grown-up's coop the other night. I went out after dark and closed the door, never dreaming there was aught but chickens inside. I noticed a white stripe ambling around in the morning and wondered how I was going to get an ether-soaked rag near his nose so I could safely remove him.

As I approached the coop with aforementioned rag, I noticed the skunk was at the other end of the coop, not paying much attention to me. I opened the coop door, turned tail, and ran for the house, where I landed as if I were sliding for home plate. And then I hid under my bed for a little while.

That's quite enough nature for the time being, thank you.

And now I will take this clothespin from my nose and amble off to bed.


Dana's Brain said...

I heave heard that chickens are stinky. Maybe if you threaten Chris with continued chicken smell he might fix the holes in the bathroom? It seems to be quite a motivator.

Dana's Brain said...

Oh jeepers, I wrote heave instead of HAVE. Cripes.

Susan said...

Ah, Freud. Heave is right in two respects. First, the smell makes you want to. Second, it's what the chickens are getting today. Chris announced they are going outside today "one way or the other." When I asked for clarification he said it was a matter of velocity.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

This is why I have a No Chickens In The House rule. Also no sheep in the house.

Skunk? EEEEE!!! I had a fun brush with nature yesterday when I scooped out some dog food and found a dead baby mouse in there. Gross. I took it out of the food. The dogs don't need any more protein.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Chickens? Skunks?
You are living a fun life!!!
I have to go back and find out if this is a normal occurance at your home...or just on special occasions...

Lisa said...

Yah. Chickens are stinky stinky stinky. Yikes.