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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

getting our geek on

When we are sitting on the Metro in Washington D.C. and Chris says "I wonder how our chickens are doing," it sounds like a euphemism.

In some ways, it would seem that we are desperately out of place in this city. It would seem that way, but oh are we in hog heaven.

We are here for Geek Vacation 2009. What is our ideal vacation? Extra schooling for the kids (the kids' idea, not ours), and lots and lots of museums for us.

Sugarplum and Studley are attending a sister school this week, while their own school is closed for spring vacation. It works kind of like a YMCA membership. You know how you can always find a Y that's open if you are willing to traverse time zones? It's like that. Sugarplum and Studley are euphoric. Cannot imagine a better vacation. As usual, they will probably sue us when we finally make it to Disney World and they discover what their friends have been up to all this time.

In court I will remind them that this was the vacation they learned to write in cursive. They will ponder this and half-heartedly try the old Magic Kingdom argument, knowing in their hearts that learning to write in cursive is just about the most awesome thing ever.

While they are writing in cursive we are holding court at Teaism, one of our favorite places in the entire universe. Yesterday morning we heard a woman ask when they would have asparagus on the menu. "When the farmers bring it to the market," was the answer. Maybe we're not so out of place after all.

From Teaism we hit the Smithsonian. There's a Louise Bourgeois exhibit at the Hirshhorn that made our heads explode. And of course there's the Air and Space Museum (both the one in DC and the one out by Dulles). They make us hyperventilate. Tomorrow I think we're on schedule for some Natural History and maybe Archives. There is just So Much To Do.

There are still cherry blossoms, although they are on the decline. When the wind blows it snows petals.

We keep getting messages from our friends saying "turn off your computer and be on vacation already!" It's a problem, this knowing who's online when nonsense. We are so busted.

Now I have to get some sleep, so tomorrow I can turn off my computer and try out a flight simulator. Or something.

Oh! Oh oh oh! We drove through a rainbow yesterday. I noticed that we could see the end of the rainbow - saw right where it met the highway! And then we drove through it. It was all golden and glowy and it turned us all golden and glowy. I think we were the pot of gold. Who knew?


Rose Brier Studio said...

Oh cool, the Air and Space Museum! I love it. If you see an Apollo engine, "J-2" say hi. My dad was on the team that designed it.

Is the Folger Shakespeare Library on your itinerary? Nothing geek about it, this is a perfect holiday.

JAbel said...

Who is watching the Chickens?.I envy you as a youngster we went to DC several easters in a row.My fave was the Natural History Museum and in 65 when I was ten we walked into our Senators office and asking to meet and Bobby Kennedy actually came out and talked to us.The Capitol tour was always special and one year some guy took an interest in our large loud family and gave us a private tour including some rooms closed to the public.Enjoy DC!

Celia said...

WOW that is the most awesome vacation ever. We were just talking about museums in the car yesterday.

My idea of a good museum is The Met, HIS idea of a good museum is Cooperstown. Sigh.

Susan said...

Rose - I will definitely watch for j-2!

Jabel - The Upstairs Neighbors are foster chicken parents this week. They even send us pix on our phones!

Dana's Brain said...

That sounds like heaven!! Hope you continue to have all kinds of golden glow wonderfulness.

(On an aside - I totally used "getting our geek on" in the first sentence of my post today - completely unaware of your title. Hope that's okay - great minds and all!)

Peace Turkey said...

Oh I love a nerd vacation. Those are the kind we always took when I was little. Philly for all the old colonial stuff. Boston for the Freedom Trail walk. DC for all of the historical and political stuff.

Because of this, I'm ruined for life -- I can't imagine a "lay on the beach all week and relax" type of vacation. We were always exhausted when we got home from being up early and running all over the vacation town. It's the only way to do vacation, in my estimation!

Lisa said...

Oh, yay! I'm glad you're enjoying DC! And today is sunny, if windy!

If you stumble across the Building Museum, the very cool Smithsonian Craft Show is on. And there's a small Corcoran student exhibit on the side - and one of my pieces made it in. :)

Also, I wonder how the chickens are doing. Hahahaha!

Susan said...

Celia - I had to look up Cooperstown! Chris would love that.

Dana - I am glad to have company in getting some geek on. Great minds indeed!

PT - We did too! I often dream of lazy vacations with spas and smutty novels, but the ones we actually take? Geeky.

Lisa - I've been walking all over town looking for you.

The Upstairs Neighbor said...

The chickens are doing great and the little girlies love being outside in their new pen.
The flight simulator was FABULOUS and if you time it right, the IMAX may have JetFighter playing which was uber cool.
We liked the Spy Museum-very geeky and Julia Child was in it. Perfect for me combining food and geekness.
Come home soon - we miss you!