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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm suddenly filled with the urge to go out for lobster

If you live on Cape Cod, you will curse us for this.

Let me back up.

Trout Towers is in full swing tonight. Upstairs, there's a band meeting. Downstairs, in what some musicians call The Casinos at Trout Towers,* a different band is recording a jingle. That's the part you'll curse us for.

They've done a bunch of versions and I can't decide which will get stuck in my head first. Possibly all of them. I promise you, you'll be driving down the mid-Cape highway this summer and will suddenly feel the urge to shake your fist at someone. And eat lobster

It might just be the traffic. Or it might be this jingle. It kind of hinges on the lobster part.

One of the musicians from upstairs just went downstairs to do some background vocals. Is that like inbreeding?

And now they're not working on the jingle at all. I have no idea what they're doing down there. It sounds like guitar overdubs, but I think maybe they're just moving in. If you let musicians in to record a jingle, there's some chance they'll turn out to be squatters and you will Never Get Them Out.

I'll have to throw a pizza out on the lawn again.

*you take your chances.


Celia said...

And now I want to make lobster stock. Some lobster shells, some shrimp shells, some lemongrass some tarragon, some peppercorns.... onions, lallala

But what I really want to eat are waffle fries with cheese sauce. OMG.

* I have the best word to type in ever, it is "scrousle" which sounds like some old fashioned pudding with fruit and a crumbly topping.

JAbel said...

I have baggies of shrimp and lobster shells in my freezer.The little lobster leggie feelie things are especially good for stock.My word is durimp which sounds like a Chinese dumplimg Shrimp.P.S. Lobster can be a good pie topping but not with Mac&Cheese.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Would you be interested in some kind of exchange program? One of your musicians for one of my artists?

Lisa said...

Lobster, yum!
You know, you've been posting about food more lately than I have.

Tiny Dancer said...

I love the image of throwing pizza out on the lawn to rid the basement of musicians.

If the jingle makes me want to eat lobster, I'll know it's effective!

Susan said...

Celia - I am not completely sure what waffle fries are, but I think I'd like them. I would also love that lobster stock. and some scrousle.

jabel - I never thought of that. I was saving mine for the garden! And why would you not put lobster on a mac and cheese pizza? It would class up the joint. Oh, maybe that's why.

Steam - I've spent most of my life with artists, so I'm going to have to consider that one carefully. Both are awfully hard to get rid of once you've fed them.

Sweet musician friends who may be reading this blog - I don't mean YOU, of course.

Lisa - Maybe you could guest post here? I am a huge food snob, you know.

Tiny - it's the only thing I've found to work. Or as chris is fond of noting "just put sheet music in front of them." That doesn't work with most of our musician friends though. We have super genius musician friends.

TwoBusy said...

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait -- you go to all the trouble of hyping up the Mac & Cheese pizza... and then you start throwing them out on the lawn? What the hell is going on here?

Susan said...

Oh mercy no. I would never chuck a mac and cheese pizza on the lawn (which I have to stop talking about or I will drive over there and wait for them to open). You know how sometimes when you order a pizza they offer you a large cheese one for $5? Those are the pizzas to chuck on the lawn. In fact, I think that's why they do it - in case you have a basement full of musicians or teenagers or beat poets and you need to get them out. I think it's more common that people are willing to talk about. That's why there are blogs.

Susan said...

Than. More common THAN people are willing to talk about.

Must learn to proofread.