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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Studley has been forsaken by his A#1 Stalker.

A#1, a four-year-old girl, has spent a good percentage of her life stalking Studley. She has to sit next to him at school, cannot be in the pool unless she's near him and Freaks Out if he is out of her immediate sight. Until recently.

A week or so ago, A#1 started taking violin lessons. And then she took a group lesson and discovered that a little boy at her school, an older boy, also takes violin lessons. Older Boy has been taking lessons for a year and is a virtuoso. A#1 has shifted her sights, and has Older Boy on her radar. She sits with him at school. She eats with him. She pitches a mighty fit if someone sits between her and Older Boy. Studley, who was fairly "yeah, whatever" about her before, has been reported to stand around looking at the new couple balefully.

Poor little dude.

I was thinking of A#1 because Sugarplum and I went to see Philippe Quint play Mendelssohn's violin concerto (in E minor, Op. 64, if you must know). He was ridiculously good. If A#1 had been there, I thought, she would have sobbed like that girl at the Beatles concert and then thrown herself onto the stage. "Philippe Quint, I loooooooooove yooooooooou....." would have echoed through the hall as she was carried away over the shoulder of a security guard, her sparkle-shoed feet thrashing wildly. It would have been completely awesome and for a moment I wished I had left Sugarplum at home and taken A#1.

Being a Mendelssohn program, the concerto was followed by A Midsummer Night's Dream. This particular performance featured actors from The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, who I imagine were watching Quint from backstage and saying something along the lines of "oh, crap." They gathered their wits nicely and stole the second half of the show.

As I watched Titania, Oberon and Puck do their thing, I thought about Sugarplum, Studley, and A#1 Stalker. There will be girlfriends. There will be boyfriends. There will be heartbreak. There is a good possibility that one or all of them will fall in love with an ass - though hopefully not for long. And in their own good time, they will all live happily ever after.


Dana's Brain said...

Yes, Jake has informed us that he has a girlfriend. In kindergarten. Yikers. Although to be fair, I'm not sure he really knows what that means!

Still, I worry about the real days of heartbreak.

JAbel said...

Cast aside by a hipster musician.I lost my third grade sweetheart to a drummer.He thought he was so cool with his dark hair all slicked back with Brillcream.Even the Nuns thought he was so sweet.I got that sucker in Dodgeball but good.Take up the drums Studley!

Laggin said...

Um, I think I will forego commenting on future heartbreaks. Since I live in the future and all...I don't want to disturb the space-time continuum... butterfly effect...all that.

I am very "into" defining the word verification words these days. (Ok. Odd obession, but go with it.) I like yours today ... tweel. I think that's tweedy socks or maybe it has to do with your stinky chickens. I'm not sure. But I like the word.

neb said...

my word verification is cousnifi.... this is anyone you are unsure you are related to.

Anonymous said...

studley is now upstairs with A#1's little sister. there is giggling.

Susan said...

Dana - These are the things we didn't think about when starting a family seemed like a good idea.

jabel - I will have Studley learn to play the drums AND brush up on his dodgeball, just to be on the safe side.

Laggin - thank you for not disturbing the time-space continuum. It needs a nap.

neb - :)

anon - Since we don't live in Utah, I think it's best A#1 found a new object of her desire. As it is, Studley will be looking down the barrel of Steve's pellet gun if he doesn't marry Studleigh. Giggling indeed.

Mary Alice said...

It is funny to watch the attractions of the young. The funniest part is that THEY think they are so sly about it...that no one knows who they like...when it is soooo obvious.