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Saturday, April 4, 2009

toggle bolt? molly screw?

With my superior strength, I ripped the towel rack right off the bathroom wall last night. I did not do it on purpose.

I told Chris and he just nodded. "Yep," he said, "I need to use molly snoggles."

"Molly snoggles" is a technical term for those anchor thingies that go in drywall and fan out. I called them molly snoggles once when I was searching for the real name and they have been molly snoggles ever since.

Chris just left to go to the hardware store for a thermometer and I asked him to pick up some... some.... I couldn't think of the real name. We have been calling them molly snoggles for so long, the real name is just gone. And you can't exactly google "what is the real word for molly snoggles," now can you?

The worst part is that I am raising kids who use my terminology. They think they are using the real words. Studley says things like "let's skedoodle to the car."

Meanwhile, the thermometer is for the new coop. The coop into which our stinky baby chickens will be moving today. Pictures of said coop coming soon (I tried today but my batteries died).

It is possibly the nicest piece of architecture on the property. It is also quite tower-like. At last, we have a tower. Stay tuned.


Chickens are in the coop! About an hour after putting them in the coop, I put cow manure on the new garden beds next to the house. Cow manure. What's wrong with this picture? The stench prevails.


Dana's Brain said...

On one of our drives from the North to Key West my husband and I started calling those trucks that carry cars "HazMats". We knew they were not HazMats, as that is a nickname for Hazardous Materials. But they have been HazMats ever since.

Ms Picket To You said...

we call the thing that cuts the grass the mow lawner. and the thing that cleans the clothes the washemclean. and the zip up feety onesie things for babies? those are zoot suits. i prefer these words to just about any.

oops! gotta skedoodle!

Celia said...

Is it like a chicken-y B.O. or is it the umm detritus of the chickens?

Susan said...

Detritus. Hazmatic detritus. And I don't mean the kind of hazmats that carry cars.

Celia said...

ohhhh. yum. DUDE you totally must read The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald.

becky said...

that may just be my new term for anchor screws. seriously. much more interesting. why does motherhood zap your vocabulary so badly, anyway? seriously bites for a writer.