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Friday, May 22, 2009

Ask a Trout

This is the first of a new advice column I thought up just this second. It is called, as you have surmised, Ask a Trout. In this column I will answer questions that have been directed to me through the wonders of Google. I figure if people come here looking for answers, I should dish them up - even if it is long after they have wandered off muttering to themselves.

Today's quesion is "What to get for someone's birthday who doesn't like cake?"

At first I thought this was an unfair question as it's so obvious. And yet, when things are obvious to one person and perplexing to another, it is often the case that the unperplexed person has a natural gift.

I have such a gift.

What to get for someone's birthday who doesn't like cake?* Well, since you're the one who's going to be eating it and sending them a video, it doesn't matter what the birthday person likes or doesn't like. The answer for today is: cake.

Do stay tuned for more Asking of Trouts, won't you? And if you can get here by cleverly asking Google a question, more power to you.

*Who doesn't like cake? That's just wrong.


Zip n Tizzy said...

I think it's a fine idea. Tell them I'm eating a cake for them too. I'm all too happy to eat one for anyone who doesn't like cake. Surprised your family wouldn't comply.

Dana's Brain said...

I still think that cake video idea is genius. GENIUS, I tell you!

The Whispering Poppies said...

We've had three birthdays here in the past two weeks. I'm up to my eyeballs in cake. A "video cake" sounds much more gentle on the waistline right now.

Laggin said...

Wait? How the heck do you find out how people find you through Google?

Celia said...

My husband does not like cake, I consider it one of his bigger flaws. That and his hatred of mayo. I have been jonesing for some cupcakes bigtime.

Janine said...

Look what's better than this? Cake with absolutely no calories. No regrets. No crazy blood sugar high.

wait a sec. Ok, that's no fun.

Guwi said...

Maybe...cupcakes? Because I'm flummoxed. A person who doesn't like cake?

I don't even like to consider the idea that such a person exists.

JAbel said...

Bake them a Lasagna and put a candle on it.My word is meatept which is what I'm about to do on the grill.Various parts of cow.Hope you are enjoying"Opening Weekend" and the return of the tourist to Cape shores.

Susan said...

Zip n Tizzy - it never fails to amaze me when my family refuses to comply.

Dana - Why thank you. I think so, too, if I may say so.

Poppies - Is there any left? I'll be right over.

Laggin - I have google analytics, which tells me a little bit about who's reading the blog. It's not an exact science (I do not know where you live or what kind of car you drive). It does, however, give you the keywords people used to find you. I have a lot of hits from people looking for transgender guinea pigs.

Celia - I used to think that was a perk as I don't like to share. On the other hand, when one has an entire batch of cupcakes/brownies/name your chocolate, it's nice to have someone to help you out.

Janine - add virtual cake to something that's a total flop in practice.

Guwi - it's like Sasquatch.

Susan said...

Jabel - "enjoying opening weekend," hahahahahaha! I am hiding in my basement until it's over, same as usual.

Tiny Dancer said...

well boo! I left a very clever message yesterday...or so I thought and now it is gone (from here and sadly from my head too).

I say, "Let them eat cupcakes." They taste better than cake, they really do!

TwoBusy said...

Speaking as someone generally indifferent towards cake, all I can tell you is: giant Rice Krispie treat.