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Monday, May 18, 2009

chicken tv

This morning I was out with the chickens when I spotted the Upstairs Neighbor making her way down the driveway. I picked up the closest chicken, who happened to be the one with feathers sprouting out of her head like a Boston fern, and gave her some air kisses from a safe distance. She's cute but not necessarily kissable, being a chicken and all. And then I sang her a little song.

We try to keep things interesting for the Upstairs Neighbors.

Sugarplum has a game called Pretty Pretty Princess. When you land on the right square, you get to take a piece of jewelry and wear it. I like keeping it handy so Chris and I can look like we are in the middle of playing it, by ourselves, when people stop by unannounced. It's harder to do this now that we're living on the first floor. Living upstairs gave us a little more advance notice and prep time.

I think the obvious next step is to play Pretty Pretty Princess with the chickens. They will eat the earrings, but I bet I could get some bracelets around their necks quite easily. Maybe I'll make them some little outfits.

With so many perfectly normal and upstanding people raising backyard chickens these days, it's hard to maintain one's status of The Crazy Lady Down the Street. My brother-in-law even went so far as to say that we are cool now.

He just sent me this article in the Washington Post by Adrian Higgins. Someone in the article referred to watching Chicken TV - which was nice because I thought we were the only ones who did that. I also thought we were the only ones who called it that. Apparently there are other people in this world who need to get out more.

Not only do we have chicken tv, but if you are an Upstairs Neighbor, you also have Trout tv. Like I said, we try to keep things as interesting as possible. Sometimes I consider going out to feed the chickens in something other than my pajamas, but then I think about what a huge disappointment that would be to the neighbors. People need their dose of flannel sock monkey in the morning.

Think of the money we save on cable.


The Whispering Poppies said...

We had 12 Rhode Island Reds when I was growing up, and a stowaway Bantam hen - no joke! Someone must have found a runaway Bantam and deposited it in our yard, since we were the chicken people on our street. Hubby wants chickens in a bad way... if I show him the Wash.Post article, I wouldn't be surprised if I find I'm getting chickens for our Anniversary! HA! I do miss putting my hands under their nice fluffy warm bellies to collect the eggs!

Celia said...

I am DYING for a goat. I have been begging for a goat for years. Mr. has promised if we ever move anywhere zoned for it that I can have one.

I sometimes wonder what the neighbors think when I dance with the cats in front of the window. Or make the odd nekkid dash for some clothes.

Dana's Brain said...

So funny. I thought of you the other day because of this article at Slate.com:

Clearly, you were ahead of the curve!

I want a Pretty Pretty Princess game.

Zip n Tizzy said...

We were always the interesting family growing up. I had a one neighbor friend who wouldn't come over because she didn't "like my mom's tuna fish sandwiches." Our guess was that my mom's belly dancing around the living room with the cats draped around her neck was the real reason.

I would love to have chickens. When I pulled up the article though, my husband peeked over my shoulder and said, "Oh brother. Chickens in the back yard?!"

Guess that's out for the time being.

Janine said...

and I thought free basic cable was a great perk.

Tiny Dancer said...

Unless of course you fed the chickens in your tiara and Pretty Pretty Princess finery! From there you could hop in your Jag and really impress the neighbors!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I'm waiting for the day when America's cities will once again have goats in the yards. It's coming.

Susan said...

Poppy - My chickens were a mother's day gift two years ago! We've been talking about a spinning composter for our anniversary. We're hopeless romantics.

Celia - me too. Especially since my MiL expressed an interest in NOT getting a goat. I'm not usually usually a contrarian, but, well, she got my goat.

Everyone, read Dana's link. Hilarious.

Zip n Tizzy - My husband succumbed to henpecking.

Janine - it is. You live in a beautiful country.

Dancer - Yes, there is a Jaguar parked next to the coop. Hadn't thought about THAT visual contradiction!

Kristin - amen.

Newt said...

I'm going to make Mr. Newt call me "Pretty Pretty Princess" all evening long. We're having a dinner party.

Laggin said...

We used to have Pretty, Pretty Princess. I hated that game. I'm still finding pieces of it in the couch.

Debbie said...

My daughter had that game and I loved seeing my husband wearing the jewelry. Now, I just have to get some chickens!