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Saturday, May 30, 2009


There are two new posts over at Opera Betty - because who doesn't want to know more about really classy 19th century hookers?

The Aria Serious blog, done by the San Diego opera, asked what people were listening to this weekend, so I told them about the Decemberists and Boris Godounov. It seems they, too, listen to the Decemberists and now I like the people at Aria Serious even more than I did on Thursday.

It shouldn't surprise me that people who listen to and perform classical music also listen to other genres. I grew up around classical musicians who were crazed party animals, after all. While it is not surprising, it is comforting. It's like the macaroni and cheese of musical memory, this tossed salad of genres. We all want to know that there are others like us. Even if they're smart.


TwoBusy said...

Wait... macaroni and cheese pizza? Is that what you said? What were we talking about?

The Whispering Poppies said...

Now this is interesting... son #1 was showing me a "death metal" song on youtube (DID I JUST SAY THAT?! ahem)... anyhow, his point being, there was a solo in the song, performed by some righteous guitar-playing. It was a solo so righteous, that someone uploaded their own version of this death-metal-gone-so-right on the violin, and it actually was a classical piece of music.

Peace Turkey said...

Mmmm this makes me want to make mac n cheese and listen to the Decemberists. I'm so wild and crazy, I may just do this on my wild and crazy Saturday night after I get off work.

This is a delicious MnC recipe, by the way http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Kicked-Up-Mac-and-Cheese/Detail.aspx

San Diego Opera said...

Mmmmm. Behold the power of cheese... we made a Gruyere, beet and spring onion bread pudding this weekend which was cheesestastic...
What did you think of Hazards of Love? As promised, the album performed from beginning to end live (and free) from NPR:


Not quite as good as BORIS, but almost...

Susan said...

TwoBusy - curse you. I was almost over it.

Poppy - see?!?!

Peace Turkey - yes, an evening like that is a big one for me, too. Especially if there's a new recipe for mac & cheese involved.

San Diego - thanks for the link! Now, as for how it went? Well, for starters I had to clean my house so I listened to more Galactic than I previously admitted. And then I wished I had the liner notes, because Hazards is one of those albums that you really need to follow along at least on the first listen. It was ambitious and beautifully executed and, well, more morbid than I usually gravitate towards. Yeah, I know, Boris. I like people to refrain from dying in anything other than operas.