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Saturday, May 23, 2009

STDs (the s stands for social)

This morning I came out to the livingroom all bleary and rumpled and eye-rubbingly ruined, and sat down at my computer to see what had happened in the night. It's what I do.

I opened my email and noticed that a friend had sent me a message on Facebook and I clicked the link in the message. As I clicked, it was like when you lock your keys in the car and as the door is swinging closed in slow motion you are soundlessly shrieking "noooooooo!"

Because of course it was a virus link.

It was not even a cleverly disguised virus link. It said something like, "hey, click this executable." I am an idiot.


And Chris said, "yes dear?"

And I said, "I think I just lunched my computer."

And he looked at it and said, "yep."

And this is all just perfect timing because I work from home for businesses that are getting Very Busy right now. And Chris works from home and afield for businesses that are getting Very Busy right now. And I can't be without my computer and all the files stored therein or else the Very Busy Businesses will be angry with me. And Chris can't stay home and hold my hand while I weep because his Very Busy Businesses will send live parakeets to eat me alive if I keep him from showing up for work.

Simply put, I/we do not have time for this right now.

While Chris was dinking with my computer, I sent a text to all my FB friends warning them not to open any emails from me and for the love of all things holy DO NOT click the link. About 5 minutes later I got a text back from the single most insanely busy person I know. The message said, "too late."

And I wrote "OMG I am SO sorry. I am such an idiot. I can't believe what an idiot I am. Who, I mean, WHO is stupid enough to click one of those links? I am so so so so sorry." and then I realized that he had fallen for it too and I decided not to send the text because I didn't want to give him a virus AND call him an idiot all in the same morning. Which is a waste because it took me 25 minutes to text.

Chris got my computer stabilized and showed me where to stick the epi-pen if it goes into apocalyptic shock while he is away. I have never missed him so much as I do right now. Except maybe when he was across the country for days and days and oh my lord I am so glad I didn't have Facebook when he was on tour.

Which makes the word of the day: small blessings.

Or maybe: external hard drive.

Let us pray.


The Whispering Poppies said...

I feel for you. Really I do. As we also have some of those VERY BUSY businesses to deal with at the moment. It was this exact same time last year my NEW computer crashed.

On a side note, I now use CA Internet Security. So far, so good. It wouldn't even let me into one of my friend's blogs yesterday, because one of the blogs on her blogroll had encountered a virus and it was still showing as a valid link on my friend's blog.

Dana's Brain said...

Man that sucks! I'm sorry. We have been hit a couple of times by nasty things through Facebook. Sometimes Facebook ain't so cool!

Peace Turkey said...

Before I bought my current car, I had a '95 5 speed Jeep Wrangler. Soft top, zip-up windows. It just begged to be stolen. It never was. But more than once, as I locked the door and swung it shut, my keys were still hanging in the ignition. After that "oh crap" moment, I did what I always did - unzipped the back window, hiked up my dress or skirt and crawled into the car through the back seat to fetch my keys. God I miss Shulamuth the Wrangler.

If only computers had zip-up back windows to undo the "oh crap the keys are still in the ignition" moments.

Zip n Tizzy said...

My husband was home all week dealing with a fried hard drive.
Sure does put a dent in your schedule.
Hope your husband got to the root of it and that you have no more troubles while he's gone.