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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will Dailey

Tonight I listened to Will Dailey co-host one of my favorite radio shows, The Cheap Seats. What a coincidence!* His new album, "Torrent, vol. 1 & 2," has been hanging out in my mp3 player lately. Which brings us to a technical question: What do you call a volume of songs once it has ceased to exist as a physical entity? Not an album. Not a cd. A what?

So the last couple days we've been driving around listening to Torrent, vol. 1 & 2 and Sugarplum's all "yes, but what instrument does he play?" I have no idea because I'm listening on my mp3 player and I can't check the liner notes. Also I couldn't have checked the liner notes because I was driving and come on people, I have my limits. If I had an iPhone I could have looked it up online, but if I had an iPhone I would have said something like "quiet, child! I'm tweeting!"** and also the driving thing would have been problematic. So I say "um, you know, probably guitar. Maybe piano?" because that's a mom's prerogative. To make up stuff.

Tonight as we were driving around, still listening to Will Dailey but this time on the radio, Sugarplum asked again. And because I once stole Cat's cell phone at a party in order to get to be friends with her, I had her number. So I sent a text message (after pulling over, because if I hit a tree I'll never get the answer, now will I?) And the next thing we know, Will is saying, "well, Sugarplum, I play guitar and piano and harmonica and mandolin and..." I don't know, he listed about 12 more instruments. The dude's got it going on.

If you were to pull over and check the liner notes, you'd discover there are also cameo appearances by Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo), Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses), Elliott Easton (The Cars) and Tim Brennan (Dropkick Murphys). Good people to know, I'd say.

I'm a sucker for name dropping, but believe it or not, there are even more things to like about Torrent. "Keep You a Mystery" is one of those haunting tunes you wish a boy would put on a mix tape for you. "Peace of Mind" makes me want to lie on the lawn and smile at the sun. "Love is on the Way" is my favorite (I am shallow and have a weakness for happy songs. Shut up.) Oh, and it's about a mail order bride. Am I redeemed? The whole cd has that mysterious quality of getting better with each listen. I will not be embarrassed to own it in the future. And? I can't wait to see him live. If he's playing on our sandy spit of land, he's got to be somewhere near you. He'll also be on Craig Ferguson July 8.

On The Cheap Seats, Will verified the rumor that he sold his red Honda Civic to finance his first cd - thus the name, "Goodbye Red Bullet." You have to love a guy who names his car Red Bullet, and then sells it to foot his mixing bill. I hope I get to meet him when he plays at the Beachcomber next month. Maybe I can get him to sign my... wait, what will musicians sign once we've all migrated to mp3s? Better get the plastic version.

*That's a lie. It's not even remotely a coincidence. I wrote about Cat a few weeks ago, mentioned Will Dailey, and the next thing I knew, someone had sent me his cd. I love the interweb so much it makes me a little weepy sometimes.

** I don't even know how to tweet. But I'd say it anyway.


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Tiny Dancer said...

I guess you could have him sign your arm, but then you wouldn't want to wash it and that could be problamatic! My first husband got all the Casuals to sign the cover of their album, Let's Go! They thought he was nuts! I like the irony.

oh and the word verification is nunpaals!

Guwi said...

have visited Will Dailey's website and just purchased the cd--will listen to it dailey (ha) and learn all the words by independence day! :) thanks for the great find, I've been needing to bring my music out of the dark ages. him being from boston is just the icing on the cake. :)

hope you finally got some good weather! the sunshine made me giddy today.

Bella said...

what a coinkidink! i just had someone ask about his disc at work and we didn't have it but i remember thinking "why wouldn't we have this...he looks kinda interesting" so now i'll order a copy or two if i can. (if i didn't already...it's all a blur) i have a good track record in picking out music simply by what i think "looks" interesting, by the way, and i still got it, given your comments.

Debbie said...

I wondered what we would end up calling a collection of music now as well. And I am just old-fashioned enough to wish we had tangible products.

Lisa said...

Because of you, I went to iTunes and started listening to snippets...haven't been at my home computer to download, but I will! So charming!

Also, for no good reason, I starting thinking about things you might ask him to sign that might give someone pause. Like your iron. Or a stapler. Or vacuum cleaner. A CD just makes so much more sense.