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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Woody's Eastham Lobster Pool

Hey! Let's go out to eat.
I know a place that can't be beat.
Something, something, lobster, too
at Woody's Eastham Lobster Pool!

I obviously don't know all the words, even though this is the jingle Chris recorded in our basement. Because the band needs to get a hobby, they did about a hundred versions, including a ska version, a Beach Boys version and something kind of loungey. So they recorded it a few hundred times and then played it over and over again to mix it. And then they put in the narrative, for good measure. Which took, you know, about 700 takes.

I am very, very well versed in what Woody's has to offer.

No pun intended.

We finally got to go the other night and boy howdy am I glad we did. It has that Cape Cod kitsch thing going, without being cheesey. There's a raw bar made out of the stern of a boat (that's the back, for anyone who is not a sailing class primadonna). There are steel lobster claws used to support things - the mantle, a little roof over where the food comes out of the kitchen. There are two dinghies tied up outside in a harbor made of blue flowers. I know, I know, it sounds totally tacky - like you'd be able to buy snowglobes and those pens with floating sailboats inside. But somehow they walk the line and you end up looking around and saying, "yep, this is cool." For instance, the flowers are not plastic and the mulch is not spray painted blue. Which would be awesome for a mini golf course. I like my mini golf experiences to be heavy on the cheese.

While I am relentlessly forgiving of mini golf, restaurants often rub me the wrong way. Some of them smell weird, others are too cookie-cutter. There was a place in Denver where my friend and I took our own glasses because the ones at the bar were a deal breaker. Stuff like that.

Woody's score: no complaints. That, my friends, is high praise.

It's a good thing I can overpower my kids because we were supposed to share the crabcakes and the fish tacos. I hardly ever order fish tacos because I almost always hate them. These? I will order again. As for the crabcakes, I did eventually agree to share them (begrudgingly) with the rest of the family. But not until I had licked off the remoulade.

I know, it's not a comprehensive review of the menu items and so I need to go back. For you. It seems the least I can do.

Also the least I can do? Is get the jingle stuck in your head. The Woody's Jingle. Does anyone know how to post an mp3? You will thank me.

(you will thank me to shut up, actually - but it will be fun until you realize that you've been humming the jingle for 3 consecutive weeks.)

This is not a paid endorsement, but I would be okay with some fish tacos if they happened to send them my way (ahem). Woody's Eastham Lobster Pool is on Route 6 in Eastham, just south of the Bracket Road traffic light. You know, where Jasper's surf shop used to be.

Dear lord I am starving.


Rose Brier Studio said...

We planned to go to Arnold's for the kid's birthday, but they're closed weekdays til the 12th. {sigh} So sorry I didn't think of Woody's. So glad their jingle is not stuck in my head!

the word verification is "ekletyjk" like your blog, but yours is spelled better!

The Whispering Poppies said...

Haven't tried Woody's yet. Perhaps you can serenade us all on Sunday... pretty please?

I'm all for crabcakes!

Peace Turkey said...

Please, please don't post the jingle. At any given time I have like 3 different songs or jingles in my head all at once.

Have mercy!

Kristen said...

That jingle reminds me of another Cape Cod classic:

Hey! Where you going?
I'm going where the tastiest clams are!
Something, something something
Thompson's Clam Bar!

Thanks for that trip down memory lane!

JAbel said...

Are the bathrooms named Gulls and Buoys?.I've never understood the fish taco and I'm in the center of fish taco land.Sad to hear Jaspers is gone and Thompsons Clam Bar on the water was my favorite place to go on the Cape at least once a summer.

The Whispering Poppies said...

Ahhhh it's all coming back to me now... the son of the new owner of Woody's was in class with Spencer in their preschool days...

The Whispering Poppies said...

And yet another jingle that won't leave my head....

Tiki Port...
Tiki Port...
A taste of the Orient
Tiki Port...

Janna said...

Kristen, I know a different (older?) version of the Thompson's jingle.

Where you going?
I'm going to Thompson's Clam Bar!
'Cuz that's where the tastiest clams are.
Is this seafood good?
The best by far!
Let's go! Thompson's Clam bar!

Ms Picket To You said...

and now thank you: i need lobsta and fries and I get why my advertising hubs shakes his head at me and says SUCKER

Kristen said...

Janna - that's it! You've solved a major mystery of my life...and now it's stuck in my head.

Susan said...

Rose & Poppy - you will get it stuck in your head the next time I see you. :) Especially you, Poppy, for getting Tiki port in MY head.

PT - still technologically challenged and interestingly no one's offering advice. No idea why they wouldn't offer advice. So far you are safe. Mercy granted.

Kristen & Janna - weirdly, I had a recording of the Casuals' cover of that jingle before I moved here and way before I met the casuals. Small world, no?

jabel - nope. No gulls & buoys!

Ms. Picket - I am too. It's especially bad when I fall for my own marketing campaign and have to buy stuff from my clients. This is not one, btw!

Zip n Tizzy said...

There's this place in town called Yankee Doodles, and it is so over the top kitch, and yet still trying to be stylish, and so far from the sea yet dripping in fish paraphanailia. I just can't stand it. But, Woody's sounds great. Have I told you lately how envious I am that you're near the cape?