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Saturday, July 4, 2009

don't sit on the potato salad

Chris left me some crumble.

In his defense, it is more than I would have left for him. I'm glad he's nicer than me because it rounded out my meal of side dishes beautifully: potato salad, pasta salad, blueberry crumble. Don't you just love picnic season?

I expect I'll be invited to more parties and cookouts now that I know how to make Rosanne Cash's potato salad. I hesitate to link the recipe because if you know how to make it, too, people might invite you to their parties instead of me. On the other hand, you might look at the recipe and say, "that looks delicious! Let's have a party so Susan will bring us some!" which would be wise because planning a party is soooooo much easier than making a single dish. Believe me. You should do it.

The crumble was also a Smitten Kitchen recipe. I had nectarines and blueberries, so I used them in lieu of rhubarb and strawberries. It was out of this world. I know, because I ate most of it.

I ate most of the part that Sugarplum did not sit in. In her white, flowered sundress.

Now I know you do not come here for tips on housekeeping, or at least you shouldn't, but I just got blueberry stains out of a sundress. A dress that was worn all day before the stain was noticed (pipe down, I was busy). Which makes me some sort of domestic goddess.

I put this detergent directly on the stain and smooshed it around to cover. I threw it in the washing machine in cold water with some of this dissolved in it, and let it soak until I remembered to go check it. And the stain was gone. Completely. Honestly, this stuff is so good it's quite possible that the stain could have gone into the laundry unnoticed (like stains around here usually do) and still come out fine. I know this because Studley has shirts that are clean.

I don't actually sell cleaning products because that would imply some kind of effort on my part.* But I did sign up as a distributor so I could get the discount. I'm good like that. Really, the idea of me selling cleaning products is akin to that nice lady from Cornwall selling her pot harvest in "Saving Grace" i.e. I don't even know what cleaning products are for.**

I do, however, make a mean potato salad.

And I cry easily at parades. I tell you, all the people who spend their time helping other people really get me at times like this. One car with a banner that said "in honor of my grandson, serving in Afghanistan" completely undid me. I also have a weakness for small brass bands. And tap dancers. And cars dressed as bumblebees.

And just to round out the randomness of this post, the following email exchange:

me, to favorite nephew: Hey! we can go to the Demolition Derby at the fair while you're here! Oh wait, it's the day you leave :(

favorite nephew: It's like if I said, "The fair is in town!!! some dorky art ppl are gonna be there along w/ world acclaimed tofu expert! oh wait.......your leaving before it happens."

*If anyone from Headquarters is reading.... hahahaha! I am totally working to sell this stuff! I am just taking a quick break from painting my sandwich board!

** but I do in fact sell them, and if you buy them here your purchase will contribute to the Sugarplum and Studley college fund and/or the sea salt and dark chocolate brownie fund, depending on the size of your order.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Great minds thinking alike again. In this case, great minds are apparently thinking of potato salad. As is only right.

Dana's Brain said...

I always cry at the parade. All the military get me going.

Greg said...

Gee, I was sorry not to have found you in the parade crowd, but now I wonder if we would've made each other weep more.

Man, oh, man. Potato salad and crumble?! If I have a picnic, you will be atop the list of Invitees!

Susan said...

Greg - shall I send you a list of dates I'm free?

Anonymous said...

Well, I see you didn't hide in the basement all weekend (the weather was actually nice, you couldn't miss that!)
I don't cry at parades, except Memorial Day, especially with the roll call at the end for our town.
We ate so much we had to have our potato salad Sunday, couldn't fit it in.