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Monday, July 20, 2009

Kathleen Edwards

This is not a post about music. It is a post about math skills.

The other night, mere minutes after inviting the Midnight Gardener to a Trout Towers redneck beachfire,* I was asked to sell merchandise for Kathleen Edwards. So I ate one last s'more and then abandoned the Midnight Gardener, the Upstairs Neighbors and A#1 Houseguest, who is staying for the week. I am such a terrific hostess, no? "Hey, come on over! I'm just leaving!"

The band set me up with a table and told me how much the t-shirts and cds are. They gave me a list of inventory and showed me where to mark what I sold. Easy. During the next few hours, I listened to Kathleen Edwards (who I liked more than I thought I would**) and sold t-shirts and cds. I added up multiples of $25 and $15, in every configuration imaginable. It is the most math I've done in ages.

At the end of the night, I reconciled. Imagine my pride at discovering we had the right number of cds AND the right amount of money. Kind of amazing, really.

Then I discovered that they actually PAY you to stand behind a table and listen to music. Someone who works with the band came up and pulled out a pile of money. I was all set to say, "oh, can I just have a t-shirt?" because the girl shirts were groovy. But he was peeling off more money than I expected (I thought the shirt might be pushing it, honestly) so I piped down. He gave me $5 extra because he didn't have the right change. So I thought, well I'll just buy a t-shirt and we'll be even. But I couldn't figure out how much to give him. That's right, all my math was used up and I couldn't figure out what $25 plus a $5 non-credit was to save my life (answer: not $20).

Apparently I have a 3 hour cap on my math skills. So if I invite you over to toast marshmallows, I will have no idea how many you've eaten if you stay long enough.

Because I won't be there.

* we build a fire in the abandoned woodstove and sit around in the driveway, toasting marshmallows and watching fireflies. We are classy.

** she plays something akin to country, which I generally dislike. But she has smart, fun songs and now I think I love her. I wrote a complete review using cheese doodle heiroglyphs, but the kids ate it.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Your bonfire sounds splendid. If we ever abandon our woodstove outside (unlikely, since it's all that keeps us alive in the winter) I will set it up in the sheep pasture and use it for s'more making.

Debbie said...

Math is tough! I have a limit to how much I can do as well.

Dana's Brain said...

I think I have about a one hour time limit on math skills. That's 75 minutes, right?

Ms Picket To You said...

screw math. but can I have a t-shirt? i love her.

(also Sarah Harmer too. go Canada!)

Laggin said...

I took one look at one of those t-shirt lines at a concert last night and said, "nope."

Greg said...

I will say we enjoyed not having to share the marshmallows after you'd gone. ; )

Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that six o'clock news song! a sarah harmer favorite of mine is the basement apt one. unfortunately i only know a couple of songs by each of these lovely ladies- but yeah, go canada!

-erica (i still can't seem to comment via my wordpessyness)

TwoBusy said...

I'm a big fan, too. She's totally bitchin'.