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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Lemonheads

Last night The Lemonheads invited Chris to record a live show. Not a Grateful Deadesque bootleg recording, a proper multi-track recording. He was delighted and I, frantic with pride, proceeded to flirt with him in a "if I weren't already married to you I would totally stalk you" kind of way. And then I ditched him in favor of Evan Dando.

Not that Evan will even remember meeting me, but I was up in his grill all night. Thusly:

This is one of the fourteen thousand pictures I took of The Lemonheads. The red spot on the right edge of the photo is a jar of maraschino cherries. Evan took the stage carrying two cocktails and an industrial jar of maraschino cherries. These are the kinds of things I notice, which is perhaps why I am not a famous music writer.

Also please note that he is wearing a Joey Mars t-shirt.

Fast forward to 2am, in the luxurious residential suites at Trout Towers. Chris and I are sitting on our bed with dueling laptops, simultaneously editing photos and tracks. We talk about microphones and the levels on the bass guitar track and, you know, other totally normal things that totally normal people talk about. He explains how the microphone that looks like a dimmer switch works. He says something completely hot like, "dang, my laptop can transfer photographs while I mix this song."

And that is why I love him even more than Evan Dando.


Anonymous said...

I love the Lemonheads, used to use some of their music in my Spinning class.
I am going to Sandwich right now, possibly to run the 4th of July race.
We'll see, out last night with friends and discovered Pimm's Cup.
A little worse for wear this morning, needless to say.

(I may just need a trip to the Brown Jug to help recover.)


Anonymous said...

Obviously need practice commenting on my I-Phone!


Susan said...

I would come cheer you on, but we are hiding in the basement until the holiday weekend is over.

Have fun!

Tiny Dancer said...

Sounds like a completely normal conversation to me! I wonder what life would be like married to someone with a 9-5 job?!

Janine said...

love, love the Lemonheads. You should so flirt w/Chris because without him, I'm sorry - no lemonheads. So flirt away. Because I would so much more than flirt if Dave was recording someone I liked a lot. But then, I'm sort of cheap that way.

Ms Picket To You said...

And this makes me so happy.

Dando is my fake boyfriend.

My husband is good with that. The version of "Frank Mills"? We sang it on our wedding night.

Viva the "old" days of Boston rock.

TwoBusy said...

So very cool.