‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Thursday, July 2, 2009

lucky bugger

And the winner is....

Logical Libby!

I asked Lucy to pick a number without peeking at the comments, and she chose the lovely and talented #6.

Congratulations, Libby! Please email me your address so we can get you hooping pronto (trout_towers@yahoo.com).


Tiny Dancer said...

Congratulations Libby! I'm so glad you won. I was not ready to begin hula hooping. Thanks Sugarplum for choosing!

JAbel said...

I love the fact you keep saying Lucy and at other times Sugarplum.It reminds me a bit of a mini "Rebecca" type thing.Lobsters for everyone!

Dana's Brain said...

Damn you, Libby! *shaking fist*

Not really, good for you!