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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sing to ME, Will Dailey

Hey all you Boston area Twitty people!

If you tweet "@willdailey I want you to sing me a song #willdaileyonaboat" before July 25, you could win a ticket to see Will Dailey on the Boston harbor Boat Cruise 7/31. And? he will serenade you. Did I mention how totally dreamy Will Dailey is? He's dreamy.

Don't do what I did, though, and cut and paste the whole thing, quotes and all. I posted it and then said, "hmmm, why does that look so dorky?" So I deleted it, took out the quotes, and tweeted again. Which is fine but now I'm showing up twice and it looks like I'm stuffing the ballot box. Which is not a bad idea.


Lisa said...

Cannot blame you. I'd stuff a ballot box for Will Dailey - definitely dreamy. Good luck with that.

Guwi said...

wait...what? I've twittered like, three times so can you please to explain how this works? can't I just send him spam and ask him to serenade me? B/c I totally wanna go.

Susan said...

Guwi - Me too. Three times exactly. Just cut and paste the phrase into where your update goes. It seems to know what to do from there. You could, of course, also spam him.