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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eva Gabor strikes again

We just ate corn! From our garden! We are frontierspeople!

I had to go to the bank today because we cannot as yet pay for everything with zucchini. On the way I, as usual, got stuck in vacation traffic. It wasn't all vacation traffic, of course. The jeep in front of me, with the sign in back that said "I'm having a nice day. Please don't screw it up" was probably from here. We are nothing if not colorful.

So I come home through the mobs of people who are here for a civilized beach vacation and put a big pot of water on, to boil the lunch I have grown in front of my house. Right in the middle of their vacation wonderland.

And then I have to figure out how to extricate the ear of corn without damaging the stalk because did you know that each stalk grows two or more ears? It's a miracle! Food! Free for the taking! Our tiny plot will feed us as much corn as we usually eat in a summer.

While I'm working out the harvesting technicalities, Sugarplum's shouting "Google it, mommy! Google it!" Google is how we learned how to tell when tomatillos are ripe, as well as pretty much everything else because we are dumb as rocks when it comes to things like survival skills.

And yet, we've given away three zucchini today and still have more than we know what to do with.

Chris says we should chop down some trees and add more vegetable plots. We are obviously in the honeymoon phase of the vegetable garden. Not in the "man cannot live on snap peas alone" phase. (Although one can certainly try.)

By the way, and not to gloat, but, that corn was the most delicious thing we've ever eaten.

One of these days, I'll tally up all my vegetable garden expenses. I will do this if Chris threatens to make us quit our day jobs and become farmers. You will hear the shrieking when this happens.

Until then, I'm a little busy harvesting corn.


Lisa said...

I want so badly for you to start paying for things in zucchini. You could take a small bag along for some purchases; others would require a wheelbarrow. You would have to document with photos, of course.

Lesha said...

The only time I planted corn I left it too long and it was starchy. Also it got weird caterpillers that STUNG me! I was not happy about that. And I've never seen them on any other plant, so they must be corn caterpillers. Watch your back!

Janine said...

You know, I believe in the blog world there is a universal consciousness, and right now everyone is thinking "frontier person." For me, in a condo in the city I'm livin on the land when our water problem is being worked on, but you are TRULY livin on the land. I think that is so cool and I wish you were my neighbor, or actually I was yours because I don't know how much you could grow here, however some people have great luck with large pots and we have a cool roof.

phd in yogurtry said...

If you're growing anything that resembles silver queen, please set a placemat for me. I am sooo missing the August growing season in south jersey.

cIII said...

Fresh corn + Chopped, crispy bacon + pancake batter = Angel Tears.

Or, what I would expect Angel
Tears to taste like.

Not that I'm some Angel cannibal wanna-be or some shit like that, or that I even believe in Angels and shit all else that goes with Angels and the like...

I'm just sayin'...It's good.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Ah yes. Nothing like the first corn from the garden.