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Sunday, August 9, 2009

things that seem to be true

A few days ago I mentioned some rockyness as my reason for not writing.

I tend to think of myself as a very private person, despite the fact that I relate the minutia of my day here. As a very private person, I do understand that not everyone wants their story told. Besides, this particular story is evolving. It's not right to publish it any more than it's right to publish a rough draft of a book. Or to base your opinion of a friend's fiance on your memory of him as a 14 year old. There are things that need to be left behind, as the real story unfolds.

There are also things I don't want to forget. This post is about those things.

The other day I needed to find a happy place for my kids, so I called a friend. She is not a bff. We use our last names when we call each other. But when I called her, she opened her home to my kids without blinking an eye. When I arrived to pick them up the next evening, they were just sitting down to dinner. And they had set a place for me just in case.

I've felt like Moses lately. Seriously, I've had to travel on and off the Cape at peak tourist migration times and it's like the seas are parting before me. Thank you, traffic gods.

One night I crept away under cover of darkness and slept at home, here at Trout Towers. I love my home.

You know how you're always like "dang, I wish I could live in a normal house, with a normal life for a change?" and then you discover that there are no normal homes and you scurry back to your weirdo house and weirdo life and it feels like a well-worn t-shirt? No? Uh, okay, me neither. Nevermind.

I have no idea who's been taking care of things while I've been gone, but I'm grateful to whoever's been doing it. Thank you, shoemaker's elves. There is a special place for you in heaven.

No matter how odious the task, if you do it with someone you love there is room for comedy. (sorry to everyone who had to deal with us. We think we're HILARIOUS.)

One final observation.
The universe does not want me to save the world. In fact, it is irritated that I am reducing my driving this year and has forced me to actually drive MORE. I expect when I go outside tomorrow, there will be a Hummer where my fuel-efficient econobox was parked. I will perhaps park it in the back and turn it into a guest yurt. If I've learned anything over the past week, it's that friends should stick together.

(clicks heels together thrice)


The Whispering Poppies said...

Your upbeat energetic positive attitude always inspires me, Susan, and I'm sure it inspires everyone with whom you come into contact!

Your #4 fits my family to a "t". You know my family, and you know we are off the "normal" scale!

PS - Studley was looking quite dashing when I saw him briefly this morning, and Sugarplum was delightfully sweet. =)

TwoBusy said...

You make it very tempting to read between the lines.

That said, I hope your rockyness passes, and that you - like your kids - are able to find a happy place.

Lesha said...

I'm so glad you have the friend resources needed to weather the rockyness. Like you said, they are SO important to keep friends together. And comedy is gold. Keeping a sense of humor even in the worst may make people think you've gone around the bend but it's so very helpful to get through the tough spots!

I'm thinking of you and hoping the rockyness passes soon for you all.

Peace Turkey said...

#4 made me tear up. I understand that one very well.

Be well.

Hit 40 said...

Friends should stick together. And, you need to take the time to find good friends worth sticking with. They will help pull you up!

Anonymous said...

touching, as usual :) i had a book of the shoemaker's elves story when i was a kid and i read it over and over and over...