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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Boyce and Melinda, cont.

Full disclosure: Yes, the theater has hired me to push their play. No, they did not ask me to blog about it. They may, in fact, be hoping I don't. Something about credibility and loose cannons (I first wrote "loose canons," which is actually more appropriate.)

That said, I'm incredibly lazy and only agree to work for people and projects I like a lot.

Chris and I went to see Boyce And Melinda Petersons' Investment Strategies For The Post-Money World, A New Musical by Gip Hoppe, staring Gip Hoppe and Julie Perkins - otherwise known as "The Longest-Titled Theater-Thing Ever" - last week.

Boyce and Melinda (Gip Hoppe and Julie Perkins) made Chris do that thing where his mouth is open and his eyes are all crinkled up, but there's no sound coming out. We later equated the experience to watching the british version of The Office. You know, at once hilarious and unbearably painful to watch. Right when you think it can't get any worse, right when Ricky Gervais would be going for his guitar, they burst into song. Gip wrote the words, Chandler Travis wrote the music and both of them are twisted in ways many people only dream of.

We sat next to someone who lives in a yurt, off the grid. Now that may seem off-topic, but since much of the play refered to the post-money economy of 2019, it seemed weirdly appropos.

And since when are you busting me for being off-topic? Especially when there are yurts involved?

Anyway, it's been selling out and they've extended the run a second time. My point is, if you feel like flying/driving/swimming to Cape Cod and seeing some theater, I'd highly recommend doing it next weekend. Gip's taken his plays to Broadway in the past, so there's a good chance you can see it there sometime. But don't press your luck, people.

Rave reviews:
--- Reva Blau, Provincetown Banner
"the perfect comedic cure for the angst of a plunging portfolio"
--- Catherine Hauser, Cape Cod Times

Why does no one ever quote my blog on their posters?


Laggin said...

I'd leave a comment but I have to go quote you about yurts...on a poster.

Tiny Dancer said...

I think I was going to go but a gig or a daughter or both got in the way. You say its extended another week?