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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

rabbit rabbit

We visited Studley's new school this week. His old school parking lot was filled with Hummer stretch limos and Bentleys. His new school parking lot is filled with 1980s era diesel Volvos that all smell like french fries.

Studley liked the old school. Studley likes the new school. We are raising Studley to be Switzerland.

The weather, being no respecter of calenders, went all Septembery on us last week. It's been dry and cool and perfect. Pavlov's dog is in the mood to buy some notebooks, highlighters and paisley patterned folders. Maybe some new shoes. Pavlov's dog digs new shoes.

It's nice that all the fresh starts happen throughout the year instead of being all bunched up. There's New Years Eve, when we make all our resolutions. There's February 13 when we break up with people. And there's the fall, when we all feel like something new and exciting must be about to happen, even if we've been out of school for a really, really long time. I speak not of myself, of course.

One of the nice things about parenthood is that you get to do all this stuff vicariously through your kid. Sugarplum will be riding a bus this year, which has me frantic with nervous delight. Every once in a while I wake her up at night and ask her things like "but what do you do once the bus gets to school? How will you know where to go?" She doesn't give me any real answers, having never actually ridden a school bus before. She tells me to go back to sleep.

I suspect the thing she is most nervous about is explaining the crowd of people waiting at the bus stop with her. Because you know all of us at the Towers will want to go: the MiL, the Queen Mum, the Upstairs Neighbors, Studley, Chris and me. It will be like one of those wireless network commercials. "Oh them? They're just my network."

It's just that we've never done this before, and we're kind of excited.

It is September 1. On the verge of the off season. Are you as excited as I am?


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Big changes at RamblingRoses this year as well... all the offspring will be taking the bus (first time for our youngest one, too). And as for Feb 13 being a breakup day, I missed that memo. I broke up with hubby on Feb 14 (before we married, that is), which is why I never receive anything on Valentine's Day. HA! ;)

just making my way said...

I am excited! Although Wonderboy doesn't take the bus - he did start 1st grade today. Sigh. Changes ahead.

Zip n Tizzy said...

I bet the old school likes the tile bathroom and the new one likes the cedar panelling. Perhaps you are Switzerland too!

I feel a chill in the air, and a bit of excitement too!

TwoBusy said...

This? This was a breath of fresh air. And a reminder of why I need to come by more often.

JAbel said...

I think the first day you should take all those folks to her bus stop with you along with the chickens maybe one riding on someones head or shoulders and some zucchini to give to the bus driver.People remember that kind of stuff.Seet Pea is starting real school next tues at her brother knuckle sandwich's school.She has knuckles first grade teacher so the teacher is in for a surprise as far as attitude goes.Sweet Pea is dramatic.

Peace Turkey said...

This post makes me want a mini-Peace Turkey. Badly.

(I can't believe I not only admitted this to myself but actually typed it. *breathes into paper bag*)

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Funny. I don't even think of school anymore (though I guess I'll have to in five years or so--EEK). And my husband was just remarking the other day how nice it is now that fall no longer holds the dread of school.

Law school probably had a lot to do with that.

♥ Braja said...

Excited? Me? Er...sure. Got martinis?

Greg said...

Yes, there's a certain expectation/anticipation about September, isn't there.