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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Brogan and Geek Girl

You know when you buy your ticket, you get your sitter, you drive your car, and you arrive without getting lost only to remember, as you walk in the door, that you hate these things?


Geek Girl had a fundraiser book signing thing tonight and I was all "yay! I have no idea what this is! Let's go!" I use the plural in the schizophrenic sense, not the more than one person sense. Which means that I went to a social networking thing by myself. Which I hate.

Honestly, if I were good in social situations would I be spending all this time on my couch in the dark?

I had never heard of Geek Girl, but with a name like that, who needs to know what it is? Also, I'm sorry, Chris Brogan, but I don't get out much and I had not heard of you either. I have remedied that, stat.

Usually I go to these things for the cheese platters because oh my lord the actual content never NEVER applies to me. Ever. I don't even totally know what I do for a living, so how can what they say apply to my job?

That said, if Chris Brogan is ever doing any kind of anything within a 100 mile radius of you, get off your couch and go. Seriously. He was funny and smart and everyone in that room was all "dooooode, why didn't anyone ever TELL ME THAT?"

And? Wonder of wonders, it applied to my job. I cannot wait to get back to work. Coffee is brewing as I type. Clients will not know what hit them. Hopefully in a good way.

Geek Girl, thank you so very much.

Chris Brogan, I would kiss you except you specifically asked us not to.

Everybody else, get Trust Agents if you want to be as smart as I'll be once I read it.

Oh look, it' been a NYT bestseller. Ahem. (I knew that.)


All Adither said...

Can you just read it for me and paraphrase here? Thanks! :)

Laggin said...

Hmmm. But that would cut into my time with bad, degrading, mouth-wateringly, prurient "literature".

just making my way said...

Look at you! All kind of big things going on this week!

Yay for you and for something inspiring. Are there Cliff Notes?

Susan said...

I will read the book and then tell you what it says on the back. Okay?

and JMMY, I wished you were there! I would have texted you, but the rotary phone, it slows me down.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Looks like my kind of read. I tried reading a modern fiction book the other day, but I told DH I just can't dig it. I'm a non-fiction kinda girl, and since I use for the web for everything but boiling water, I just may pick myself up a copy of this book.

Bella said...

Just happen to know where you can get a copy...only it a tad bit far away.