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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the critics rave

The Midnight Gardener came by on Sunday for "Studley's Birthday Party."

Stop twitching. I used the quotes properly. It was his party in name only, as I think I only remembered to invite two of his friends and 75 of ours.

The Midnight Gardener devoted a post to us this morning and we are very flattered. He covers the whole "yeah, right, it's a party for Studley" thing. Also, "the party invitation encouraged us each to bring a dish to share…and confessed that the party had only been organized because they were out of good snacks at Trout Towers."

I'm glad people are paying attention.

But really, my favorite part was this:

"Her Troutship is smart and funny and full of clever observations on all sorts of fun things in life from the local music scene and parenting to gardening and chicken farming and hula hooping. You never know what you’ll find at Trout Towers...."

I'm smart! and funny! and full of it!

He posted some fab pictures of the bits of garden I haven't killed off yet. Really, you should march over there now and see. That's the caterer, btw, not me. I'm taller and thinner and remembered to brush my hair.


And if you are here visiting from the Midnight Garden, the first thing you should know is that he has a longer attention span than I do.

The end.


Java said...

I'm visiting from the Midnight Garden, and I appreciate your shorter attention span. Though I dearly adore the Gardener, he sometimes goes on a bit. I'm the pot calling the kettle black, you must understand.

Congratulations on a successful garden/birthday/everything else party.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh now just look at what I've missed! I received one of those "bring a dish" invites (and it was going to be a spinach & asiago cheese quiche, btw.) I thank Master M.G. for the recap. ;)

Tiny Dancer said...

Ok, so now I am caught up. Sorry to have missed the soiree. I never mind not showing up places cuz I don't want to, but to miss out cuz I forgot is really galling! I did not comment on opera cuz I don't know what to say.

And what am I thinking, caught up? Only on reading your blog, cuz in every other area I am so far behind, it's a little sad.

Greg said...

Wow, look, it's a link loop. It really is a lovely garden, dear. I can't wait to see it with a little allyssum billowing about the edges of it next year.

Oh, and I think I figured out why your cosmos are so massive and barely flowering...oh, but I guess your flea's attention has you looking somewhere else already, eh?

; )

cIII said...

Having a long attention span is important in these foul days of Microwave, Broadband, lightening-fast..

Hey(!) look!! A squirrel!

Susan said...

Spinach and asiago quiche is welcome anytime. Come by whenever.

Tiny Dancer - you too.

Greg - why why why why are my cosmos not....

oh, hi cIII!

just making my way said...

Your garden is so pretty! It looked to be a wonderful party - Happy Belated to Studley!