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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Giselle, and why she should have done an online background check

I saved my program so I could tell you who was magnificent in Boston Ballet's Giselle, but then I left it in the car and there are coyotes out there, people. My love for you (and name dropping) ends at coyotes.

There were no coyotes in Giselle. Not in the original story, at least. The story's about a girl who's in love with a nobleman but she doesn't know he's a nobleman and then the hunter-dude who digs her exposes him (not literally) and she goes a little crazy and then dies. Because she died with her love unrequited, she becomes a willi in act two. Willis are spirits who live in the woods and kill men by making them dance themselves to death. Or, they are the girls from town DRESSED as spirits, who randomly kill passers-by who anger them. It didn't say this in the program, but I recognized pretty much everyone from the the first act so it must be true.

The hunter-dude is the first to die. And then the nobleman shows up and Giselle saves him by... I don't know, doing the dancing for him? Don't quote me on any of this because my program has been eaten by coyotes and I read the story a very long time ago.

I think it's a little risky for the men to show up in the woods at night, knowing about the willis and all, don't you? It's like Travis thinking his love for Old Yeller will make the foaming stop.

Boston Ballet's willis were particularly dead-looking and a little ghoulish (though lovely! please don't show up at my house and eat the cat!). There is something especially stunning about a scene that is at once beautiful and eerie (a theme which pervades our decorating sensibilities here at the Towers). Melissa Hough danced the part of Giselle and was outstanding - both dead and alive. Jaime Diaz was the scoundrel who broke her heart. Nicely done, Diaz. I don't remember who danced the Queen of the Willis, but she was splendid. The Queen of the Willis is like the Sugarplum Fairy, if the Sugarplum Fairy ever ordered her minions to kill people.

This was the first ballet we attended in the Opera House instead of the Wang (not counting the Nutrcracker, because it doesn't count). We didn't think we'd like it because change, as you know, is bad. But then we noticed the opera house is like someone left the Wang in the dryer and we think we'll be okay with it. It's kind of cute. Also, the restrooms are more conveniently located and it's a block away from Penang.

And that, I believe, wraps up my ballet review for this evening. Goodnight, and for the love of all things holy, don't walk in the woods at night.


Greg said...

She dies because he's a nobleman? That's some odd cause and effect. Whom'I to tamper with the classics, though. I had no idea there was a whole Undead component to Giselle, though.

After the guys dance themselves to death, does anyone eat their brains?

Susan said...

Greg, did I leave out the part where, as a nobleman, Albrecht was betrothed to someone else? Details, details.
And Hilarion crawled off stage right to die so we are not sure about his brains, but I did see a couple willis skulk off after him and fear the worst.

Hit 40 said...

The Boston Ballet!! WOW I can not even imagine how wonderful it was. Very nice!!

I try to hit the town here in Columbus, OH. But, I have given up a little on their Off broad way/or ballet shows. What a RIP OFF!! Cats had like 15 people in it. COME ON!! And the tickets were almost $100 each. I am from Ohio...

but I know when I am getting screwed.

The Upstairs Neighbor said...

enuf of that, you went to panang??? excellent!

just making my way said...

I saw this years ago - I think we went on a trip in high school. I remember the dance of her going crazy. Powerful stuff.

Thoryke said...

This puts and entirely new spin on "That just gives me the willies..."

Cheryl said...

Who knew there were coyotes on the Cape of Good Cod? Although I did hear a rumor about sharks dancing themselves to death reincarnating as willis that appear to be coyotes.

Oh and: awww and ahhh.