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Sunday, October 4, 2009

just, ew.

This one may get me into trouble. It's sort of like taking pictures of Chris' underpants and posting them. Which I promised not to do.

But I was looking through some old photos and was reminded of the crack house bathroom we moved into last year.

I will not dwell on this.

Chris has been working away - ripping out the medicine cabinet, fixing sheetrock, installing new lights. We are a reality t.v. show, minus the billions of onlookers. And budget. We also like to think we are cuter and funnier.*

But I digress.

Anyway, this was our sink:

When the plumber came to put in our new sink yesterday, I said something like "man, you should have seen the old sink" and he said "lady, I have SEEN YOUR SINK." I don't know what he meant by that, but it didn't sound flattering.

For my very fancy birthday, I asked my sister for a new bathroom sink. She said "not a manicure?" and I said "I want a sink or I will tell mom."

So she gave me a sink. And now we live in a Swedish crack house.

That's the robot vacuum, peeking around the corner in the hall, btw.

As long as I'm posting pictures of underpants, here's one I took of the corner of our dining room last year.

The entire room was that blue, with maps from National Geographic as wallpaper. May I back up a moment? This house has a rich and vibrant history, and there are probably some people out there who are all "but those maps were THE AWESOMEST." To which I say, no, they were not. They were also impossible to get off. Literally. Chris had to rip out the sheet rock.

Same corner, one year later:

I took pictures today because we were all squeaky clean for Studley's birthday party and the light was so gorgeous it made everything look like... I don't know... somebody else's house?

It doesn't look like this now because it's dark and also, we had a party. There are bottles and mostly-eaten snacks everywhere. Gift wrap is scattered all over the floor. Someone peed in a chair.**

Wild times, I tell you.

In non-underpants related news, the sun came out for our party. This was good because, as you can see, not so much room in the rooms. Although I suggested we have the entire party in the bathroom and that would have been awesome. I mean, if people can't talk about Trout Towers' parties in the old what-happens-in-Vegas sort of way, we can at least give them SOMETHING to talk about.

The other good news is the playlist we had going for the (mostly adult) kid's birthday party did not randomly choose to play Fun Lovin' Criminals' "Scooby Snacks," which opens with a delightful little clip from Reservoir Dogs.

No really, send your kids over! We can totally be trusted. See our sink?

*I don't honestly know if we're cuter and funnier because I can't remember watching a reality show all the way through. No offense to real life reality families. I am sure you are cute and funny.

** Studley's friends can't hold their apple juice.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

What's wrong with the old sink? It looks pretty much like all the bathroom sinks in our house. Except cleaner.

Happy birthday to Studley. Y'all must be wallowing in cake, what with the birthdays so close together.

Bella said...

big BIG hugs to Studley!! I'm quite sure I would not recognize Trout Towers anymore. it looks much like home for you.

Greg said...

I always think it's important to snap a few photos of the place right after a thorough cleaning. That way we have them as proof the rest of the time.

The celebration was delightful. The chocolate zucchini cake doubly so.

I'm afraid I left my Corningware behind, so I'll stop by for that shortly. Also for a few tomatillos for seed.

: )

Helena Halme said...

I hate your husband, or on second thoughts can I have him? Mine's well trained, quite tame now but he won't do any DIY and now I've seen yours, I realize I live in a crack house and have done for the past 12 years. So can we swap? Please?

TwoBusy said...

a) your house looks quite lovely. although I'll admit I was disappointed by the lack of poultry wandering the floors. perhaps they were frightened off by the robot.

b) happy birthday to mr. Studley.

Susan said...

Kristin - we still have sinks which match yours. We're twinsies.

Bella - I dare you to come see.

Greg - we sold it on Craigslist.

Helena - be careful what you ask for. Most of his DIY projects involve cast-off building materials and half-cocked plans that make the neighbors weep. I was very selective with my photographs. And there was a lot of cropping.

TwoBusy - they didn't want me stealing their souls. After all, look what happened after I took that picture of Bloom. They are hiding under the bed.

jessicabold said...

So...how does that robot vacuum work for you, anyway? I've always wondered about those...


Tiffany said...

Love when the house is clean! It rarely is so I should probably take pictures too.

Tiny Dancer said...

I love your new sink. It's really cool. If you don't want your old sink I will gladly add it to my garden. I have our old wall hung sink there too. They look awesome planted.

And again, so sorry we spaced out. I think I still have the gift I bought S when he was born.

Janine said...

Awesome place! You insist on taunting me with that robovac, don't you?

just making my way said...

I know I'm so late and a bad blogging friend. But I still want to chime in and say your house looks beautiful!! And I want that vacuum robot.

Anonymous said...

haha- on the scooby snacks songs. i totally wish we could have been there. though i am thinking, isn't that the bit from the diner, where the girl pulls out the gun "...every bleep*bleep* last one of ya!" which i think is Pulp Fiction. so maybe i have the wrong song. but we are still sorry we missed it. and lucky us, we get a glimpse of TT anyway- gorgeous!!


Susan said...

Right you are, Erica! Pulp Fiction. And you should not see TT now. Egads.

Hit 40 said...

I wonder what my cats would do with a robot vacuum?? Too fun.

Your new sick is fabulous. Much better money spent than on a manicure.

Peace Turkey said...

I'm jealous of those built-in bookshelves.