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Sunday, November 29, 2009

a deadline of one's own

Chris has been in overdrive lately. Which is good.

I have been left to take care of the kids and mother-in-law on my own. Which is bad.

It's not all bad, of course. We're in a groove mostly. But the kids had all last week off and oh my lord. It turns out I go a little nutty when I don't get a break.

So I stopped in for about 12 seconds to change my clothes between kid gigs today and in those 12 seconds I cataloged all the reasons I was going out of my mind and how not down with being a single mom I was. And then I went to a kid's birthday party before he could respond. Which may have worked out for him.

My phone rings while I'm at the party. It's Chris. He's gotten the kids a sitter so I can go to the gig he's working tonight. A gig I didn't know about.

That sitter may have saved his life.

So! I show up at the restaurant and the first 3 people I see are people I know and like and they all smile and wave and I think "OH NO! Did Chris plan a 'I'm sorry Susan's life is so stinky' flash mob?" Okay, there were only three people but Chris doesn't know how to use his phone very well.

It was not a flash moblette, as it turns out.

We had a nice evening gazing into each other's eyes and wondering what adults do on dates. He apologized for pushing me to the edge of sanity, saying "sometime you'll have a deadline and I'll be stuck with the kids for a week."

"Like when I go on my book tour?" I asked.


So now I have to write a book.


All Adither said...

Ha ha! You and me both. Glad you had a sitter. You deserved it. I go completely over the edge when I don't get a break. And it takes me a lot less time to reach that dangerous point that it sounds like it does you.

Cheryl said...

Does Polite Fictions count as a starter book? Time to get started on an idea for another one and you'll have plenty of deadlines! Loved it, by the way.

for a different kind of girl said...

It's a good idea. As one who has a husband who seems to be gone more than he's home, I'm wondering if I can work this deal out simply by writing a pamphlet. Perhaps a short note. Cripes, even a grocery list.

Lisa said...

Yay Chris for getting a sitter and recognizing you were on the edge. And yes! Write the book! Go on the tour!