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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wrote Jet Blue a song but it made the dog howl

Do you know how much fun it is to run into an acquaintance at the airport and when he asks where you're going, say "to have tea in D.C."? If not, you'll have to trust me. It's fun.

Things I spent more money on than my airfare to Baltimore:
bus fare to the airport
a sandwich at the airport

To which you say, "dang, that's an expensive sandwich." And I'd agree. I'd also admit I got a $9 fare from Jet Blue.

Bahahahaha! Nine dollars! To the city closest to where my very best friend in all the world lives! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

I flew in yesterday, she took me to tea, I head home today. But not until I've trashed her house and eaten all her food. Old habits die hard.

A quick pantry scan this morning, while she's out being responsible, turns up a jar of Nutella, bags of chips and cheesey popcorn (which she says the dog got into but I think that's a ploy) and a big bag of Halloween candy. I made myself some frozen waffles and eyed the ice cream sandwiches while rooting around in the freezer.

In the words of my brother in law, our pantry contains Cup-o-Miso and Soy Ahoy.

So for $9, I get tea at the Mayflower, some serious Friend Time, and all the cheesey puffs I can eat before she gets home.

For $9 more, I can go home.

Thank you, Jet Blue, for both trips. Just don't ever leave me alone in your house.


Helena Halme said...

For me it would have been worth it just for the jar of Nutella. It's been banned in our house by nasty, mean husband who says I only complain afterwards of feeling sic and fat.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Stop by the cellar at the shop sometime... you can OD on Nutella if you need a fix when not in Baltimore. ;) Though the digs there are NOTHING like the Mayflower tearoom.

All Adither said...

9 bucks?? That's insanity. The kind of insanity I like.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I love teas. So girly and pretentious. Fun.

Greg said...

A nine dollar sandwich still better be pretty damn fantastic.

just making my way said...

That rocks. And now I want Nutella really badly.

Susan said...

Yeah, stick with the nutella. The place with the $9 sandwiches was closed for the night when I came back through - sandwiches in cooler.

Now you know I'll eat pretty much anything. But, ew.

raine said...

What the heck do you wear to tea at the Mayflower????

Celia said...

Dearest Susan,

Make someone( not yourself- we are being hedonistic) get a bunch of crepes ready. Then spread them with nutella. Then take a piece of banana and roll it into the crepe. Then inhale. Repeat til you run out of crepes.

We have a darling friend that lives outside of Paris that will fly to us and then after her trip make us as many crepes as we can eat. Sadly, you will have to find your own French woman.


JAbel said...

I just had one of those 9.00 snacks on United last week.Some kind of Italian cheese on bread that was truly awful but I needed to take my meds and hadn't eaten.


I knew there was a missing waffle..