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Monday, November 30, 2009

if only we could giftwrap kindness

I'm cross-posting because my life and my work overlap kind of a lot. I wrote this for Left Bank Gallery this morning:

This is the time of year when we are not sure if we're heroes or villains.

Everything around us says "buy! buy! buy!" and if we are honest, we are saying it, too. It's the time of year when we are best able to get these beautiful things off the shelves and into homes. And pay the mortgage. We are idealistic and pragmatic. So in some ways, we are part of the Holiday Consumer Machine. The "show your love with stuff" machine.

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a cog, though. Or rather, we are a cog in a different kind of machine.

Last year we proudly supported the Handmade Pledge. It echoed much of our own reasoning - and gave good incentive for shopping at places like Left Bank. What's not to like?

To some extent, we also supported the No Buy campaign. Which might be considered self-defeating.

We say "no" to commercial gifts that an advertising mechanism says we need to buy. We say "no" to the "more is more" mentality and the culture of waste. We say "no" to being sold a bill of goods that benefits no one in the long term.

That said, we have no desire to shut down the whole gift-giving culture. Not only would we be shooting ourselves in the foot, but we like getting and giving presents just as much as the next guy. Giving makes us feel good. Helping other people give makes us feel good, too. We love finding the perfect gift instead of the panic gift.

Intentionally or unintentionally, we are all voting with our dollars this season. When you buy from a store that supports American craft, you are giving your money to people all over the country who spend their lives making things just a little more human. The medium AND the message are completely different from what we're being sold commercially.

It's probably obvious where our votes are being cast. And judging from the fact that you've read this far, we're probably preaching to the choir. (You sing beautifully, btw.)

Let's work together this year to bring joy, generosity and good will back into the spotlight. It's been overshadowed by profit for too long.

Let's be heroes.


(I write the Left Bank Gallery blog.)


just making my way said...

Hear, hear! It is a lovely choir. I admit, I have fallen prey to the march of consumerism many times *coughTar-Jaycough*. But I have to say - there are a lot of cool links on a lot of blogs out there that lead to some very cool stuff. That's what I'm aiming for this year.

There is some beautiful jewelry on that Left Bank site...

Celia said...

We do both. We are making pineapple vodka and fudge again this year. We have a strict gift budget. I tried getting my family to only exchange handmade gifts, but they acted like I personally killed Santa.

But we are very firm on Sea Monkey not participating in the holiday of consumerism. Christmas, yes. Jesus, yes. Spending a buttload of money cause you feel like you have to. NO.